37 Kilometer Concrete Road Works Completed In Sakarya

Kilometers of concrete road works have been completed in Sakarya
Kilometers of concrete road works have been completed in Sakarya

The first roller compacted concrete road works, covering 9 neighborhoods in Geyve and Taraklı by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, has been completed. Mayor Ekrem Yüce said, “Our concrete road works with a total length of 37 kilometers in our rural neighborhoods have come to an end. "May the concrete road works, which are more economical and long-lasting, be beneficial to our neighborhoods and citizens".

37 kilometers of concrete road works initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality and covering the districts of Geyve and Taraklı have been completed. With the Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department, the roller compacted concrete road works carried out in Burhaniye, Saraçlı, Güney, Ahibaba and Aydınlar districts of Geyve and İçdedeler, Dışdeeler, Avdan and Esenyurt districts of Taraklı came to an end, and the works carried out created satisfaction in the neighborhoods.

37 kilometer concrete road work is complete

Mayor Ekrem Yüce, wishing that they have brought together 9 neighborhoods in Taraklı and Geyve districts with compacted concrete roads and that the works will be beneficial, said, “We are realizing new investments in many areas in transportation, we continue to bring our roads to asphalt with urban design and street renewal works. We implemented a roller compacted concrete road application for the first time in our rural neighborhoods. We completed our concrete road application that we started in Pamukova Karapınar on a 9-kilometer route in 37 neighborhoods of Geyve and Taraklı. I wish good luck to our fellow townsmen ”.

Alternative to rural road networks

Drawing attention to the fact that compacted concrete road works are more economical and long-lasting, Mayor Ekrem Yüce said, “First of all, concrete roads are produced entirely with our national resources. We used approximately 37 thousand cubic meters of concrete in our 9 neighborhoods covering 40 kilometers of routes. We will hopefully spread the concrete road application, which produces an alternative in rural road networks and has a longer life span, to a wider area, and we will save economically. "

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