IMM's UEFA Champions League Final Preparations Continue at Full Speed!

preparations for ibbnin uefa champions league final continue at full speed
preparations for ibbnin uefa champions league final continue at full speed

This year's final of the UEFA Champions League, where the format was changed due to Covid-19 while it was planned to be played in Istanbul last year, will be played in Istanbul on May 29. IMM will continue its preparatory work, which it stopped after this change made last year. For the grand finale that will be played in Istanbul after 16 years, from road construction to physical works such as transportation, parking lot, lighting and green areas; Significant contributions will be made to the organization from space allocation to transportation and promotion.

The 30 Final of the UEFA Champions League, which was planned to be played in Istanbul on May 2020, 8, and the date, format and location were changed due to the pandemic, and then held in Lisbon, Portugal as an 2021 final, will be played in Istanbul on May 29. The match, which is one of the most prestigious sports organizations in the world, watched live by tens of thousands of people from the tribunes and more than 225 million spectators in 300 countries, will be held in Istanbul again after 16 years. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) will continue its duties as the host for this giant organization where it left off last year. Continuing the preparations of the organization in coordination with UEFA, TFF and the Governorship of Istanbul, IMM will prepare Istanbul for the Champions League Final with its 23 institutions, which are affiliated units and affiliates.


IMM Deputy Secretary General Murat Yazıcı, Head of Support Services Department Mansur Güneş, IMM Youth and Sports Manager İlker Öztürk, officials of IMM units to take part in the works and TFF representatives came together at the coordination meeting. At the meeting, it was emphasized that while all the works were discussed in the finest detail, IMM will fulfill all the tasks it undertakes meticulously.


Within the scope of the preparations organized by the IMM Directorate of Youth and Sports, parking arrangements will be made in the northern areas of the Olympic Park so that 250 buses can be parked. Pavement work for pedestrians; Temporary ladders or ramps will be created in some areas for pedestrians during the preparations for the revision of the damaged surface, rainwater and drainage systems on the roads leading to the stadium, and the arrangement of intersections and roads.

Road widening, removal of triangles that will prevent traffic flow, drainage, guardrail, infrastructure and asphalt deficiencies of the roads in the Olympic Park will also be carried out by IMM teams. Within the scope of the renovation, maintenance and repair works that IMM teams will carry out in the Atatürk Olympic Stadium, New Airport, TEM, D100 Highway and other newly opened routes; On the routes to the festival and gathering areas, on the routes used by pedestrians to go to public transportation within the boundaries of the Olympic Park, direction and speed signs will be updated and temporary signs will be placed where necessary. During the preparations, the teams, which will also renew the road and parking lines, will ensure that the deficiencies in signaling and lighting are eliminated and will complete the lighting deficiencies at the necessary points.


Along with the infrastructure works, landscaping, green area and flowering works will be carried out by IMM. Landscape studies will be carried out in the east and west parts of the Atatürk Olympic Stadium, on the connection roads, in the Yenikapı Event Area, in Taksim and Sultanahmet areas and in the areas to be arranged as parking lots. Tree pruning and maintenance of existing green areas will also be carried out to avoid problems in vehicle passages. The cleaning of gathering and festival areas around the stadium will also be carried out by IMM.


The teams of the Istanbul Fire Department will be on alert with their vehicles, equipment and personnel against any negativity both in the vicinity of the stadium and in the areas where the fans will be intense. Before and during the match, IMM ambulance and paramedics will be on duty with sufficient personnel and vehicles for the match where the police units will make applications for pirated products around the stadium, on the connection roads, festival and fan gathering areas.


IMM will allocate space for the Champions League Festival to be established by UEFA in the Yenikapı Event Area. The festival, which is expected to be visited by tens of thousands of sports fans, will include various events, DJ shows, sponsor tents. The stars of football will compete in the football field to be created in the field. The points where IMM will allocate areas for the fan meeting center will be Taksim and Sultanahmet Square. Along with these areas, various promotional events will be organized by IMM in various points of the city.


Another contribution of IMM for the UEFA Champions League Final will be in the field of transportation. On the day of the match, people with an accreditation card and match ticket will be provided free public transportation service by IMM. Since the event is planned to be played with spectators, the transfer of approximately 50 thousand fans from the airports and the fan gathering areas will be carried out by IETT and Metro Istanbul free of charge.


While the UEFA Champions League matches continue, the teams that will be named in the final will be determined after the quarter and semi-final matches to be held in April and May. It has not been announced how many fans will be accepted to the match, which is planned to be played with an audience. However, if the fans are accepted with full capacity, it is expected that approximately 100 thousand people will come to Istanbul and 72 thousand fans will go to the Atatürk Olympic Stadium and watch the match from the stands.

In all outdoor advertising channels including billboards, bridge tops, metro, metrobus and bus stops in IMM; It will support the promotion of the Champions League Final in service units, the rail system and all public transport media, and the announcement of the organization.

It is estimated that the Champions League Final, which will be watched by more than 225 million people in 300 countries with live broadcasts from Istanbul, will reach more than 1 billion sports fans with social media interactions.


Istanbul hosted the Champions League Final in 2005. On May 25, 2005, the Italian representative Milan and the British team Liverpool faced each other in the match played at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium. Milan, which was among the best finals ever played, closed the first half 3-0, but could not defend the goal against 3 goals scored by the English team in the second half. Equality was not broken in extra time and Liverpool won the penalties and won the cup.

Istanbul, Shakhtar Donetsk on May 20th, 2009 - Werder Bremen UEFA Cup when the final host of the June 21 - July 13, 2013 between the dates of FIFA U20 World Cup held in Turkey and had faced Uruguay finals in France in Istanbul. Istanbul was the address of 2019 for the Super Cup, another important organization of UEFA. In this match, Liverpool, the champion of 2005, defeated his rival Chelsea and lifted the cup.

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