Physical Work Life Will End

physical work life will end
physical work life will end

Halıcı Group CEO Dr. Hüseyin Halıcı emphasized that with Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0, physical working life will end and a mentally oriented working life will begin.


Stating that people need to acquire and evaluate information in this digital transformation process and gain skills that can achieve other results, Dr. Halıcı summarized the production model that will occur with digital transformation as follows:

"Since a human-independent production method will be formed, the products produced will be cheaper with the reduction of manufacturing costs and as a result, people will be able to live with less costs."

Stating that many professions will change instead of evolving professions with new ones, Dr. “Working periods will be shortened or part time. Certain times a week will be studied. With the Covid-19 outbreak, we started to see such work examples in the world gradually. " said.


Pointing out that humanity is faced with a revolution or transformation that will change the way of life, Dr. Halıcı said, “It is necessary to show resistance, not to think that it is unattainable financially and technically. On the contrary, we have to claim that creativity is at the highest level and we need to progress in this field. " said.

Noting that Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0 is just at the beginning, Dr. Halıcı underlined the need to evaluate and adapt to the new world order, which offers important opportunities to people of all ages, especially young people.


Stating that artificial intelligence will enter all areas of life and society, artificial intelligence-based structures will be seen even in markets, Dr. Halıcı said, “There is artificial intelligence in our future and it is inevitable. We should never be afraid of artificial intelligence. We should be afraid of people who abuse the real AI. I compare it to a child. If we grow and train it well, it will be grown and used for good purposes. The future will be in digital transformation and human collaboration led by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence will not replace human beings, only artificial intelligence will do physical or some mental works that humans can do routinely. " said.

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