80 Percent of Those Leaving Work in Pandemic are Women

% of women quit in the pandemic
% of women quit in the pandemic

The Great Place to Work Institute researched the work experience of more than 400 working parents during the pandemic. In the study, it was determined that working mothers were 28 percent more likely to experience burnout than working fathers.

In the study conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute, which has determined the best employers globally since 1992, and with more than 400 thousand participants, it was determined that approximately 60 percent of working parents did not receive support from their employers in childcare during the pandemic period. 78 percent of Great Place to Work certified businesses support their employees in childcare. The research is the most comprehensive study on working parents.

A quarter of working women are considering quitting

According to the research, which stated that working mothers are 28 percent more likely to experience burnout than working fathers, 80 percent of those who quit during the pandemic period are female employees. According to another remarkable data in the study, a quarter of women think of working in a less stressful job or withdrawing from working life completely due to Covid-19.

If there is no stress, the employee's current job rate increases by 20 percent

Companies that invest in their employees, they provide high innovation and business efficiency 5,5 times more revenue increase that share details about the specified research they provide Great Place to Work Turkey General Manager Eyüp soil, "Working parents suggest possibilities to others their employers when they are away from the feelings of burnout and stress 35 times, their probability of staying in work increases 20 times. When companies reduce the feeling of burnout, employees adapt 12 times faster to changes and 10 times more willing to be more efficient. 94 percent of parents working at companies that are employee-oriented and have a strong corporate culture, praise their companies. While companies participating in the Great Place to Work certification program maximize their employee potential, employees' sense of belonging to their companies is strengthened. said.

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