Osmangazi Bridge Rides to the Top in Expensiveity

osmangazi is the second most expensive bridge in the world
osmangazi is the second most expensive bridge in the world

As the income power of the people rapidly decreased, the hike to bridges and highways drew great reaction. With hikes, a citizen pays 8 times more than bridges in countries such as Japan, France and the USA on national income to pass through Osmangazi.

According to the news in SÖZCÜ newspaper; “While the citizens were worried about their income decreasing with the pandemic and economic recession, the new year started with exorbitant hikes, bridges and highways were announced with a 25 percent increase. This rate, which is much higher than the minimum wage, workers and retirees, has reinforced the title of our bridges and highways as the most expensive in the world. with toll bridges and highways in other countries are paid to Turkey's build-operate-transfer (BOT) project of the gravity of the charges on the basis of national income compared to the situation arose. IYI Party Local Administrations Chairman Advisor Dr. Suat Sarı stated that this difference is 8 times and presented the picture.

Floor On Floor

According to the table, the toll fee per kilometer on the 2.7 kilometer Osmangazi Bridge has increased to $ 7.38. This fee is well above the tolls of similar bridges in the world. The only bridge close to this figure is Denmark's Öresund, and there is a 4 km underwater tunnel included in this price. However, the most striking difference emerges in the comparison on the basis of national income. While a citizen in Turkey can cross this bridge with 8 per ten thousand of his annual per capita income, he can cross a similar bridge in an English country with 1.2 per ten thousand of his income. A Dane, on the other hand, can use the bridge in his country with only 1 tenth of his income. Yellow, "We kazanAccording to our company, we pay about 8 times more than countries in Europe and the USA. This toll is unacceptable for a citizen of a country with an annual national income of approximately 9 thousand dollars.

osmangazi is the second most expensive bridge in the world

We Pour Our Future into Concrete

Suat yellow, even in countries where the minimum wage is more than 6 times said he was below the cost of bridge construction Turkey. Dr. Sarı emphasized that the train route planned on Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is still not working, whereas the running cost of this railway is also included. Stating that Yavuz Sultan Selim took only 12-15 percent of the load of the other two bridges despite the obligation to pass buses and trucks, Sarı said, “When we did not have money, was there a need to borrow money from abroad? What would happen if we did it 10 years later? Other countries do it when needed. It is done by borrowing from abroad with our money that we did not have long ago. Priorities are wrong, we bury our future in concrete and iron ”. Yellow whilst also have weekly and monthly discounted subscription applications with bridges and tunnels in the world on the same day roundtrip asked whether the causes of such practices in Turkey.

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