Causes Shoulder Pain? How is the Diagnosis Made? How is it treated?

causes shoulder pain, how is it diagnosed, how is it treated?
causes shoulder pain, how is it diagnosed, how is it treated?

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Assoc. Ahmet İnanir gave important information about the subject. The shoulder area is among the most common joint pains after waist, neck and knee pain. Impingement, fibromyalgia, calcification, nerve injuries, infections, neck hernia, diabetes, thyroid diseases and some internal organ diseases can cause shoulder pain. If you feel a stabbing pain when the arm is raised, if there is difficulty in lifting kitchen utensils such as a teapot, if there is a burning sensation in the shoulder while combing the hair, if there is a certain pain that will awaken when changing direction at night, a muscle rupture in the shoulder may occur.

Causes Shoulder Pain? Which diseases can herald?

Shoulder pain accompanied by restriction in shoulder movements while dressing and undressing and difficulty in moving the hand to the back indicate shoulder freezing. Weakness in muscle strength may accompany shoulder pain caused by nerve damage in the muscles around the shoulder. Shoulder pain may also develop due to internal organ diseases. Chest diseases, lung and gall bladder diseases can cause shoulder pain. Shoulder impingement syndrome, calcific tendinitis, semi dislocations of the shoulder, strain pain due to the muscles around the shoulder can cause myofascial pain syndrome and shoulder calcification pain.

Neck hernia can cause pain in the shoulder!

Shoulder pain can be caused by the shoulder joint itself, as well as pain reflected from another region to the shoulder. Neck hernias are the most common cause of shoulder pain that originates outside the shoulder joint.

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

The shoulder, which is the most complex joint of the body, is extremely susceptible to injuries due to its ability to move in six directions. It is especially seen in people over the age of 40, standing upright, working with their arm at or above their shoulder.

Some diseases can trigger shoulder pain!

Heart disease, lung disease, tuberculosis, lung tumors, diabetes, neck diseases, and prolonged immobility of the arm can cause shoulder pain. This situation is called frozen shoulder.

How is the diagnosis made?

X-ray, Tomography, MRI and Ultrasonography examinations are sufficient for the diagnosis of shoulder pain.

How can it be treated?

Treatment of shoulder pain should be done according to the cause. Causes that trigger shoulder pain should be reviewed and the cause eliminated. At this stage, physical therapy applications take an extremely important place. Exercise applications to increase the range of motion and muscle strength are generally used together with physical therapy applications. ESWT shock wave therapy can be applied in shoulder calcific tendonitis. PRP, CGF-CD34, abdominal fat stem cell applications, prolotherapy, neural therapy, cupping, leech are among the preferred treatment methods in shoulder tendon tears and arthrosis. For shoulder calcifications, sodium hyalurinate can be made from the shoulder.

To prevent shoulder pain;

  • Do not lie on the painful side.
  • Arms should be placed on a support while sitting.
  • Arms should not be raised above shoulder level frequently.
  • Heavy loads should not be carried.
  • Shoulder exercises recommended by the doctor should be done with precision.

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