23 Pfizer Vaccine-Related Deaths in Norway

death linked to pfizer vaccine in norway
death linked to pfizer vaccine in norway

In Norway, where the Biontech-Pfizer vaccine was administered, it was reported that 23 elderly people with other serious diseases died after vaccination. It is pointed out that vaccines have not been tested enough in this age group.

The Norwegian Medicines Agency (NoMA) made a statement on January 14, after the news that 23 people died in connection with the administration of the coronavirus Pfizer vaccine. The Agency reported that 23 out of 13 deaths thought to be linked to vaccination in Norway have been completed, and that the overall side effects may have caused a serious reaction in frail elderly people. Currently, only 25 people in Norway have received the Pfizer vaccine, and accordingly, 23 deaths are the largest.

In the report, it was pointed out that extensive research on the Comirnaty vaccine developed jointly by Biontech and Pfizer did not include patients with acute illness or weakness, and the vaccines were tested in very few people over the age of 85.

Stating that the vaccine is currently administered to the elderly and people with other serious diseases in nursing homes, the Agency noted that deaths can be expected shortly after vaccination. In the statement, it was noted that an average of 400 people die each week in nursing homes and nursing homes in Norway.

It was noted that in deaths occurring within a few days after vaccination, the side effects of the vaccine such as fever and nausea may have caused death in people with other serious diseases.

On the same day, news came out that 10 people in Germany died after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. One of those who had this vaccine in France died.

The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation reported on January 1 that four people died within days of receiving the Pfizer vaccine, of which one 4-year-old died within hours of being vaccinated.

In a report in the New York Times on January 9, it was reported that Florida doctor Gregory died 18 days after being vaccinated, with spots appeared on his limbs three days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine on December 16 last year.

However, when discussing the people who recorded their lives, relevant institutions in countries such as Norway and Germany focused on all those who died were elderly people with a certain disease before. "It is obvious that this vaccine is not very risky." In its evaluation, the Norwegian side updated its vaccination guidelines only for the elderly in the measure against the incident.

Another shocking development is that almost all mainstream media in the West remain silent. This is in stark contrast to the provocations of the "insecurity" of vaccines in other countries such as China.

Developed and produced by Pfizer and German Biotech, the COVID-19 vaccine is currently the most widely approved vaccine for mass vaccination in the world. It is reported that the effectiveness rate of the vaccine has reached 95 percent. Therefore, these massive deaths should be taken into account, but Western circles prefer to remain silent against these deaths.

Alexander Gintsburg, director of the National Research Center for Epidemiology and National Microbiology in Russia, said it was an embarrassing event. According to Gintsburg, the safety of mRNA vaccines has not yet been fully resolved. When large amounts of foreign mRNA enter human cells, the immune system sees it as a danger. Death of 25 people for the amount of vaccination for 23 thousand people means that the death rate is equal to 0,1%, this is a dangerous indicator.

In an interview with the Global Times newspaper yesterday, Chinese medical experts stated that it is now difficult to judge how related the deaths were with the vaccine, as there were very few reports and research reports on this in the Western media. However, Chinese experts emphasized that for a vaccine, its effectiveness rate is not the only reference indicator for vaccination, the safety and possible side effects of the vaccine are more remarkable.

Experts warned that even if effective vaccines emerge, the world cannot suddenly end the COVID-19 outbreak, and that social prevention and control measures such as effective isolation should continue to be strictly implemented.

Source: China International Radio

Günceleme: 17/01/2021 11:50

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