New Year Update For StoneAge World Offers New Events

new year update for stoneage world offers new events
new year update for stoneage world offers new events

Participating in higher ranked league competitions and players who reach certain ranks will be given various prizes.

Netmarble announced to the prehistoric pet collecting mobile MMORPG game StoneAge World, the first GvG (Clan versus Clan) content for high-level players to experience, Tribe Battle, under the name of the first 2021 update. As part of the update, a brand new family of 2-4 Star Duford Family pets will now be available to players at Level 45 and above in the Suburb Cookie Village.

Today's update also introduces the first season of StoneAge World's new Tribal War mode for qualified players to experience. When the first season begins in February, players will participate in higher ranked league-type competitions, and various prizes will be given to players who reach certain ranks.

Other new content coming to StoneAge World:

  • New Pets - 2-4 Star Duford Family pets including Duford, Langford, Ashford, Benford, Ronford, Draford, Moriford are now ready to gather in Suburb Cookie Village for players Level 45 and above.
  • The Tribal War Boom-up Ticket Event is held from February 3rd to February 25th to encourage players participating in the Tribal War. Players can earn event tickets and trade them for various rewards, including the Mecha Pet Core Component and the Random 4 Star Pet Costume.

The Daily Pack has been improved for a better player experience as well as some bugs found, including Ancient Beast King.

StoneAge World created a beautiful and bold MMO experience, blending seamlessly with the mechanics of pet collecting and role-playing games (RPG) with a fun prehistoric community story. On an adventure to the lands of Tectonika, players will take on the role of the mighty warrior "Trainer" who collects, tames and trains pets to protect the land. Along with dinosaurs, furry mammoths, pigs, wolves and more, they will be very busy defending Tectonika against the unknown enemies of the approaching Machine Civilization and exploring the unique events of the prehistoric community.

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