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Watch foreign TV seriesYou can enjoy the TV series with Turkish dubbing and Turkish subtitles broadcast on Netflix.

Netflix: Best TV Series List

A lot of people now Netflix platform thanks to the TV series and movies broadcast around the world. Recently especially Covid-19 Because of the virus epidemic, everyone is at home, and movies and TV shows have become one of our biggest helpers during our stay at home. In recent years, the habit of watching foreign TV series has increased in our country. Netflix, which covers the whole world, is very popular with its series and movie archive.

Founded on 29 August 1997 under the leadership of Hastings and Marc Randolph Netflix With you, you can be aware of the latest TV series and movies. Netflix, which renews its archive every day, continues with brand new series in 2021. If we give an example of the most watched TV series by the audience ( La Casa De Papel, Prison Break, Breaking Bad, The Witcher, Equinox, The Queen's GambitArrays like) would be the best example. By the way, you can also access the latest domestic TV series with Netflix. Recently attracted attention Cobra Kai I would like to mention the series.

Cobra Kai Series

The series, made in 2018, consists of 3 seasons and 30 episodes in total. Robert Mark Kamen describes the events that took place at the All Valley Karate Tournament in 1984 in the series, directed by Josh Heald. The two fighters, who were quite young at the time of the tournament, became quite mature after a long time. Cobra Kai They open a fighting school called. One of the very quality productions Cobra Kai watch If you want to, you can follow by looking at the Netflix screens.

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