Narlıdere Metro to Start Serving Izmirians in 2022

narlidere subway will also start serving Izmir residents
narlidere subway will also start serving Izmir residents

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer celebrated the new year with workers and engineers at the Narlıdere Metro construction site, which continues to work 30 meters below the ground. Stating that the transportation projects of the Metropolitan will mark 2021, Soyer thanked the employees who completed the tunnel excavation over 10 kilometers despite the epidemics and disasters.

İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer said “hello” to the new year with the laborers who work 30 meters below the ground between Fahrettin Altay-Narlıdere District Governorship. President Soyer thanked the employees for their dedication and cut the New Year's cake with them. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Buğra Gökçe, Deputy Secretary General Eser Atak and Head of Suburban Rail System Investments Department Mehmet Ergenekon were accompanied.

"They completed the tunnel by working like ants"

In his speech here, Mayor Soyer said that Narlıdere Metro is a work they take pride in. Stating that 2020 was a year of disasters, disasters and crises, but all these were going on, President Tunç Soyer stated that more than 10 kilometers of tunnels were excavated underground, and gave the good news that the work will be completed on time. Noting that hundreds of people on the construction site completed this tunnel by working like an ants despite the disasters and disasters above, Soyer said, “Last year, we created a resource of 125 million Euros for the subway to be completed on time. It will start to serve the people of Izmir in 2022, exactly on the date we promised. That's why we are very proud. I take pride in all my friends. They worked with heart and soul. Despite the coronavirus epidemic, they did not take a break despite the earthquake. I take pride in each and every one of them. That's why I want to enter the new year by congratulating my friends. I wanted them to know that I am proud of them, ”he said.

"It will be a year when we will ease transportation in Izmir"

Stating that 2021 will be the year of transportation for İzmir, Mayor Soyer continued: “Our work that will mark the new year will be the work to be done in the field of transportation. We made the tender for Çiğli Tramway. A study with a serious budget. Feverish work awaits us in many areas. This year, two ferries, one Fethi Sekin and the other Uğur Mumcu, started operating in Izmir Bay. Don't pass by saying two ferries. The cost of the two is 136 million liras. These are very expensive investments. But we did this with the intention of flowing traffic in the Gulf and reducing some of the urban traffic to the Bay. I wish it will be a year when we will ease transportation in Izmir. "

"The biggest investment in Izmir's history"

Giving information about the works carried out for the Buca metro, Soyer said, “In January, we are bidding for Buca Metro, one of the biggest investments in the history of İzmir. It has a huge budget of 1 billion 70 million euros. This work will mark the history of Izmir. First, we found 80 million euros of life water. After that, we formed a consortium of 490 million euros. Therefore, its international tender will take place in January ”. Stating that Buca Metro wants to put at least certain stations into service in 2023, Soyer explained that after the completion of the works, it will provide a serious relief in the urban traffic. Noting that after the Buca Metro is put into service, the residents of Izmir will breathe and relax in Buca, where the traffic is the most intense, Soyer said, "All our excitement and rush is this." President Soyer also wished 2021 to be a healthy, peaceful and happy year for everyone and that all the nightmares of 2020 will remain in that year.

Excavation and tunnel concrete manufacturing completed

Excavation and tunnel concrete productions have been completed between Balçova Stations. Works The total tunnel construction performed on the metro line between Fahrettin-Altay-Narlıdere District Governorship, which was founded by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in June 2018, reached 10 meters. When Fahrettin Altay ends, the entire 614-kilometer metro line will pass underground.

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