MAN, Turkey traditional first Sunday of Imported Truck Tow Truck

The traditional winner of the man truck tractor market
The traditional winner of the man truck tractor market

MAN, despite the difficult conditions brought about by the pandemic in the first place in Turkey's traditional import markets tow truck was also continued in 2020. Standing out with its advanced technology, superior performance and high saving qualities, MAN maintained its place among the top three in the general truck tractor market, even though it was included only with imported vehicles.

Emphasizing that they once again demonstrated their leadership in the market despite the epidemic process, MAN Truck ve Otobüs Tic. A.S. Truck Sales Director Serkan Sara said, “Our new generation truck and tractor series TG3 is defined as 'the vehicle of the future' in international evaluations. "We will continue to achieve new successes and grow in the market this year with our new product range of advanced TG2021 series, especially the TGX, which was selected as IToY 3 (Truck of the Year)."

MAN trucks and tractors stand out in the market with their advanced technologies, durability, rich equipment and model variety that respond to every need, their performance, and distinctive fuel savings. MAN vehicles continue to be the choice of many sectors from logistics to construction, from retail to transportation, from infrastructure to mining, with After Sales Services, life-long cost advantage created with low operating expenses and appropriate financial solutions.

Truck tractor market nearly doubled in 2020

2019 units in 7.901, which took place in Turkey market tow truck sales in 2020 reached 17.172'y. The imported truck tractor market, showing a similar development, increased from 3.024 to 5.904 units. Creating ideal solutions by rapidly adapting to pandemic and other conditions, MAN has achieved double success in these markets.

Being the favorite of fleet renewals as well as new vehicle investments, MAN again came to the top with the sale of 2020 vehicles in the imported truck tractor market, where a total of 5.904 vehicles were sold in 1.215. MAN, in 2020 Turkey has continued its traditional first place in the attractive market of imported trucks. Although MAN took place only with imported vehicles, it was also among the top three in the general truck tractor market.

"We finished 2020 at the top in the imported truck market"

Although pandemics indicating that revealed the difference of MAN vehicles in the truck market, Turkey imported trucks and buses Tic. A.S. Truck Sales Director Serkan Sara said, “2020 has been a difficult year for all sectors due to the epidemic process that affected the world. With the ideal solution suggestions we developed in this challenging process, we have been with our customers as a 'lifelong business partner'. We welcomed the year 2020 with the world launch of our new generation TG3 series trucks. Although TG3 series offers a new generation of our vehicles sold in 2020 in the last quarter in Turkey, TGX and TGS attractive models, our TGS series building our truck, we continued our traditional BIRINCILIGI in imported truck market with our TGL series cargo truck, "he said.

"We expect a 2021-15% growth in the market in 20"

Noting that the first three months of 2020 started well, but factors such as the epidemic, exchange rate and interest rate movements, seriously affected the market, Serkan Sara made the following statements:

“With the quarantine period, the ways of doing business have changed, and the usual processes have gone beyond. Despite contractions in all sectors during this period, we experienced the opposite in the logistics sector. Along with the new investments in the logistics sector, which has been declining for years, positive steps taken in this process have increased the demand. Despite the difficult conditions of the pandemic process, as MAN, we quickly responded to the increasing demand in the logistics sector by taking the necessary supply and production measures. Similarly, we increased our sales volume in the imported truck tractor market, which grew almost twice, and ended the year at the top. Our expectation is that the market will grow by around 2021-15% in 20, especially with the acceleration of construction projects and new purchases. Within the framework of this growth, we aim to increase our market share and maintain our position at the top.

We will be at the top this year with the TG3 and the 'Truck of the Year' award, the TGX.

MAN city of Bilbao in Spain last year we did TG3 Launch World Series car in Turkey this year our group we plan to launch in Q2. The prominent member of the new generation TG3 family, which is defined as the 'vehicle of the future' with its eye-catching design, innovative driving support systems, and many economical features, the TGX has received a very important award for the registration of all these features.

It was awarded the 'International Truck of the Year 24 - Truck of the Year' award by a jury of editors representing 2021 major truck magazines across Europe. Standing out with its quality, modern technical equipment and redesigned cabin concept from scratch, TGX makes a big difference with its technological innovations as well as comfort, safety, sustainability, fuel consumption, ecological footprint and life-long cost criteria. We meet with our customers in the last quarter of the year in Turkey, our customers about TGX We received very positive feedback.

Therefore, as MAN, we will continue to be at the top of the imported truck tractor market in 2021, with our completely renewed vehicles for the future that can meet the needs of not only today but also tomorrow.

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