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borane ad
borane ad

With the combination of the increasing workload in the advertising sector with technology in recent years, many kinds of works are produced in today's conditions. Along with the understanding of quality production combined with high technology, many studies such as digital printing and UV printing models offer faster and more economical solutions. In this way, to advertise brands in the open air in a flashy way lightbox light board Or they can make the most of professional advertising with similar qualities.

It is important to draw and design the project in the most accurate way in the form of a print model made on the fabric. It is important to work with the right digital advertising brand that will come into play here. If you want to communicate with your customers about your brand or product through advertising with lightbox light panels, you can benefit from the best service with the right agency to help you at this point. The sequence of transactions at this stage is as follows:

  • Choosing the most suitable lightbox for your needs
  • Rapid production phase in the factory environment
  • Printing processes using UV technology on special fabrics
  • Fast shipping - assembly phase

With these services, we offer the most appropriate solution to your needs and ensure that your outdoor advertisements appear vividly both indoors and outdoors. Used at this stage UV printing With the technology, it is possible to print many items from special fabrics. It produces many types of direct printing on different materials such as glass, wood, forex, composite, plexi or composite, and provides a photographic quality appearance in this field. kazanyou can afford.

Ultraviolet printing, which is UV rays, is the most preferred type of printing that is resistant to sunlight and therefore it is one of the most preferred types in the field of technology. These prints, which can be printed in an average of 1 second and dry quickly, can be used immediately after printing. It is much more specific and durable than other techniques such as color fading resistance and water resistance.

It can benefit from UV printing type to get a strong and durable printing service; You can take advantage of printing from promotional items to general article types. Display your ad in the highest quality with high quality printing models close to large-size photo quality that meet your needs in both powerful and high quality. Boran Advertisement It is one of the companies that provides quality work with an extremely successful infrastructure and provides support to you with its expert side in this field.

Boran Reklam meets your needs by creating a quality business model and planning in outdoor advertising models where you will benefit from many aspects from billboards to mobile billboards and car dressing. You can always meet according to your needs, get information and support, with its strong infrastructure that will respond to all your needs, as well as its aged experience. By taking advantage of the competitive price policy, you can get the best job at the most affordable price!

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