Lexus Becomes Emerging Brand of the pandemic in Turkey

Lexus continues to be more preferable turkiyede
Lexus continues to be more preferable turkiyede

Premium automaker Lexus managed to close 2020 with a record number, despite the effects of the pandemic. 2020 percent growth over the previous year in 64, who obtained the Lexus, more preferably every day has become a premium brand in Turkey.

2020 Lexus describes the objectives and evaluating the Director Selim Okutur Turkey about 2021, "a process in which we have always experienced globally in 2020 changed many of our habits in our lives together. On the other hand in 2020, also in Turkey Lexus 'brand in the emerging pandemic' that has emerged as a year. Last year, more people stepped into the privileged world of Lexus, and in 2020, we were able to achieve more sales than 2018 and 2019 combined, with a growth of 64 percent compared to last year.

Stating that they aim to continue this steady rise in 2021, Okutur said, “Lexus' privileged service approach, wide after-sales network and trouble-free; contributes to the fact that the brand is preferred more and more every day. It is an indication of this that half of our sales in 2020 are either to a Lexus owner or a Lexus owner's reference. Accordingly, we expect to close the year 2021 in a way that will surpass the 2020 units. Within the scope of these goals, we started 2021 with advantageous campaigns that will make those who want to own Lexus happy. At the same time, Lexus' more preference and trouble-free value are also increasing day by day in the second-hand market of all our models. kazanIt allows for the cost,” he said.

Zero risk with Lexus Buy-Back Guarantee

The brand, trusting the high second hand value Lexus has achieved all over the world, underlines this with its special services. One of the most striking applications of Lexus, which offers a wide range of services, is the Buy-Back Guarantee. Accordingly, Lexus models sold can be taken back by the brand at certain rates depending on the vehicle usage and year when the customer demands.

Lexus kicks off 2021 with funding opportunities

Lexus started the year by offering great opportunities for those who want to own a new Lexus during January. With advantageous opportunities that continue throughout January, the RX300 SUV and hybrid ES 300h Sedan models can be purchased half in cash and the other half with financing support.

Beneficiaries of this campaign will be able to pay half of the vehicle price in cash and the other half in 23 months, 15 thousand TL in installments. The 24th installment in this financing made under the guarantee of repurchase is made as a balloon payment.

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