YHT Didn't Arrive in Kütahya, Let's Take the Bari Kütahyalı to YHT!

Kutahyaya yht did not come, but let me meet Kutahyali yht
Kutahyaya yht did not come, but let me meet Kutahyali yht

CHP Kütahya Deputy Dr. Ali Fazıl Kasap, due to the fact that the High Speed ​​Train project, which was promised to Kütahya by the Ak party in 2011, is still not implemented, the citizens who want to go from Kütahya to Ankara, Istanbul and Bursa by High Speed ​​Train, Kütahya and Eskişehir Train Station or Bozüyük He said that he was victimized because there was no time between the train station.

Butcher, who gave a written question to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure on the subject, made a request from Kütahya to set a flight between Eskişehir Train Station and Bozüyük Train Station. Butcher asked why there is no time for transportation between both Train Stations from Kütahya, but said:

“We made a request to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to set a fixed and certain hours for transportation from Kütahya in both Train Stations so that our citizens are not victims and not to miss the High Speed ​​Train services. I hope our city, which has been neglected in every issue, will not be victimized on this issue. "

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  1. In the current situation, direct train operation can be made with YHTs between both ankara izmir and istanbul izmir. Because the electrified railway and rails of the Eskişehir Izmir area were renewed. Both routes pass through Kütahya. This operation can be done if the trains speed at the yht speed on the yht path and within the limits of the conventional hattabara.

  2. Because, even on the soon to be opened Ankara Sivas line, YHT sets from Ankara to Kırıkkale Baliseyh will go from the old conventional line. What will be for Sivas will be in Ankara İzmir and İstanbul İzmir.

  3. even a suburb (such as egeray) that may have a business between Balikesir and Bandırma will seriously support these flights. For this, the municipalities of Kütahya, Balıkesir, Manisa and İzmir and their MPs should work together.