Container Tracking and Route Search Platform ShipsGo

I invest from the crane to the digital maritime platform shipsgo
I invest from the crane to the digital maritime platform shipsgo

Invested in digital marine platform ShipsGo from Vinci. Logistics and industrial technology fund Vinci invested in ShipsGo, container tracking and route search platform.

Vinci Venture Capital added another technology company to its portfolio and made its sixth investment in Izmir-based logistics platform ShipsGo. ShipsGo operates as a platform providing container tracking, route search and advertising services for international maritime trade using big data forecasting and instant satellite data.

Turkey, Germany and the UK industry since the last quarter of 2018. 4.0, mobility, energy and investing in logistics Vinci Venture Capital, based in Izmir shipsgo was also common. Receiving a seed investment from Vinci, of which İnci Holding is a strategic investor, ShipsGo has been operating as a container tracking and route search platform for international maritime trade since 2016. Container tracking and route search, which are currently performed manually by businesses, are performed instantly and automatically, thanks to ShipsGo's technology based on big data prediction and live satellite data. Users can easily share this information with relevant stakeholders on the platform. The platform also allows users to plan the next logistics steps by sharing the estimated arrival time, transfers and possible delays with smart notifications. In this way, ShipsGo provides its users with the opportunity to prevent unwanted expenses such as demurrage, increases customer satisfaction and increases efficiency in international maritime trade by reducing the waiting time of containers.

"We will grow even more in the global market with Vinci"

The route search and container exporting company and that the customers of many in Turkey shipsgo tool carrier in the monitored area, route based advertising feature was first implemented in Turkey. Thanks to this feature, intermediaries (forwarders), main carriers and other service providers can have the opportunity to advertise directly on the route they want. ShipsGo, acting with a global vision since its establishment, obtains 20 percent of its revenues from abroad and aims to increase this rate rapidly with its Vinci investment. Merdan Erdogan, founder and CEO of ShipsGo, which operates in Dokuz Eylul University Technology Development Zone (DEPARK), said after the investment, “We are very happy to see Vinci among us as our first investor. We are confident that Vinci will both contribute to the institutionalization of our company and will help us take ShipsGo to the next level with its experience and expertise in supply chain and logistics and gain a bigger place in the global market ”.

"We will grow ShipsGo together"

Vinci Investment Committee Chairman Şelale Zaim Gorton said the following about the new investment: “As Vinci Venture Capital, we are very happy to add ShipsGo, our first investment in Izmir, which has a special place for us, to our portfolio. During the pandemic process, we looked at many opportunities, our decision to invest in ShipsGo, the third investment of 2020, was a globally scalable product, a competent and dedicated team, a product focus that provides value to the customer, and solid technological innovations were the most important factors. We are confident that we will enlarge the additional usage areas of the platform with the visionary vision of the ShipsGo team and the experience of Vinci.

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