Transportation Unites in Kocaeli! 13 More Lines Included In The Pool

Shared pool agreement with the beach cooperative no.
Shared pool agreement with the beach cooperative no.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark, in line with the decisions taken at the UKOME board meeting dated 19.11.2020, has reached an agreement with the Körfez Cooperative, which participates in the joint pool meetings with 1 lines and 2021 vehicles, with 3 lines of 9 vehicles, effective as of January 10, 112. As a result of the agreement, the lines of TransportationPark were specified as 163, 170 and 175, while the lines of Körfez Cooperative were specified as lines 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 159, 160, 161, 165 and 169.


In the statement made by TransportationPark, the details of the agreement to be made on 13 lines in total were shared with the public. The lines that TransportationPark participated in the joint pool agreement were stated as 163, 170 and 175. With line 163, citizens will be able to travel on the route of İlimtepe - Tütünçiftlik - 95 Evler - İzmit - Bus Station, 170 to Kirazlıyalı - Altyol - İzmit - Bus Station - Umuttepe and finally, on the line 175, Kirazlıyalı - Çamlıtepe - İzmit - Bus Station - Umuttepe.


As a result of the agreement, the lines of the Bay Minibus, Midibus, Bus Motor Carriers Cooperative numbered 10 were stated as 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 159, 160, 161, 165 and 169. Along with these lines, the Körfez Koop. 10 lines participated in the common pool with 112 vehicles in total.


TransportationPark General Manager Murat Sağlam, TransportationPark Deputy General Manager Övünç Yılmaz, Gulf Cooperative President Bünyamin Koç participated in the agreement signed on 25.12.2020 at the TransportationPark General Directorate. General Manager Murat Sağlam stated that he is pleased that the passengers will have a comfortable, safe and healthy journey in unity and solidarity in the pool agreement, in which 3 lines participate. Sağlam stated that he wishes the agreement to be auspicious and auspicious for both parties. Baykan Cooperative President Bünyamin Koç stated that he wishes the pool agreement to be beneficial to our district of Körfez and that our passengers will continue to provide transportation with the Metropolitan Municipality. Signature talks ended with a photo shoot.


Within the scope of the agreement, Körfez Minibus, Midibus, Bus Motor Carriers Cooperative no. 10 will operate on 10 lines, and TransportationPark buses on 3 lines and a total of 13 lines will operate in a revenue-sharing system. Thanks to the application, passengers will provide comfortable, safe and healthy transportation. In addition, the aims of the implementation were stated as giving priority to people over vehicles, using the existing transportation infrastructure at the highest level, using modern technologies, and ensuring efficient and effective use of resources in terms of investment and management.

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