Protect Your Immunity Against Winter Stress

Protect your immunity against winter stress
Protect your immunity against winter stress

The onset of precipitation, coronavirus stress, workload, long periods of time spent in front of the computer and screen at home negatively affect the mood and immune system of people. Experts point out the importance of proper nutrition in these days when the sun is less visible.

The impact of rainfall, cold weather, pandemic restrictions, coronavirus anxiety, more time at home, inactivity increase the stress burden. As a result, immunity is weakened. First of all, Muratbey Nutrition Consultant Prof. Dr. Muazzez Garipağaoğlu said that the way to achieve this is through a healthy diet. Prof. Dr. Garipağaoğlu said, "For a strong immune system, it is necessary to keep the vitamin D at a normal level, as well as a dietary habit in which different types of nutrients are consumed, regular sleep, regular exercise and avoiding stress."

Vitamin D also affects mental health

Stating that it becomes more difficult to cope with stress, which is one of the most important problems of our age, during the winter days when we are closed to homes due to the pandemic, Garipağaoğlu said, “Vitamin D deficiency can negatively affect mental performance and lead to psychological problems such as stress, depression and anxiety. Vitamins C and D can be used to stay away from stress or to cope with it and to strengthen the immune system. Vitamin C can easily be taken naturally. Almost all kinds of vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin C. However, when it comes to vitamin D, the situation is different. Because the main source of vitamin D is sunlight. Its nutritional resources are extremely limited. Produced with adequate sunlight exposure in the spring, autumn and summer months, vitamin D is stored in the body in the liver and adipose tissues. The vitamins required in the winter months when there is no sunlight is provided from these stores. If the storages are insufficient, vitamin D deficiency is inevitable during the winter months we are in. In this case, it is important to take vitamin D supplements or to consume foods enriched with vitamin D. Especially during the pandemic process we are experiencing, the use of vitamin D and the consumption of healthy foods enriched with vitamin D are recommended by experts in many developed countries, ”he said.

Vitamin D-rich cheeses

Muratbey's healthy flavors offer rich options to overcome vitamin D deficiency and strengthen immunity. Muratbey's vitamin D store "Burgu Plus" "Fresh Cheese Plus" and "Fresh Kashkaval Plus" cheeses as well as the world's first vitamin D enriched cheese "Muratbey Misto", which is produced to make children love cheese, increases immunity and daily vitamin D helps to meet his needs. 100 grams of Muratbey Plus and Muratbey Misto products contain 5 micrograms of vitamin D. With only 100 grams consumed these products Ministry of Health of Turkey Nutrition Guideline (TUBE is) met 2% of the recommended daily vitamin D requirement for all individuals above the age of 33.

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