Public Transport Friendly Interchange to Kayseri

Kayseri public transportation friendly mass intersection
Kayseri public transportation friendly mass intersection

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç became much more important with the commissioning of Talas Anayurt Rail System Line, which was launched at the intersection of Gen. Hulusi Akar Boulevard and Aşık Veysel Boulevard. kazanExamining the works at the public transportation-friendly multi-storey intersection, he said, “We do not take shelter in excuses. The activities of 2021 continue at full speed," he said.

When completed, General Hulusi Akar Boulevard, which is planned to relieve the traffic to a great extent in terms of both rail system lines and land vehicles, started at the intersection of Aşık Veysel Boulevard and examined the multi-storey intersection and 30 U-type underpasses that will cost 548 million 2 thousand TL. Mayor Büyükkılıç stated that the citizens of Kayseri will provide comfortable and convenient transportation after the completion of the multi-storey intersection.


Mayor Büyükkılıç, in the statement he made during the examination, stated that the multi-level intersection will be completed in about 7 months and said: “We are now at the intersection of Hulusi Akar Boulevard and Aşık Veysel Boulevard coming from our university. We are working on a public transportation friendly intersection arrangement. I hope that the tram line that will come from Talas, which we tendered on December 30, meets the tram line from our university, and at the same time, necessary arrangements are made to prevent the intersection of Aşık Veysel Boulevard and Hulusi Akar Boulevard. During this process, it seems that our fellow townspeople may be tormented unavoidably, but this is inherent in the matter. They will be patient, I hope they will find comfort and relax later. They will also benefit from transportation in its most beautiful form. Here, our company is a really strong company. He's always working with his teams. In this process, our KASKI, natural gas, electricity company, telecom, infrastructure organizations work and the dimension they displace when necessary. With all this blending, I hope the service will emerge in about 7 months. "


Mayor Büyükkılıç stated that they do not take shelter in excuses and that they see the pandemic as an opportunity, and that the activities of 2021 are continuing and all their teams are on the field. Emphasizing that the problem of one of the most important crossroads in the city will be solved when this project is completed, Mayor Büyükkılıç said, “If we pay attention, there is a density at the entrance to the university, but it is due to the control of our university. Hopefully, there will be a light alternative road work of our Melikgazi Municipality. If that part is relieved, there will be no congestion problem in this region. The activities of 2021 are constantly going on. Our construction sites are in the field and working with all their teams. We do not take refuge in excuses. We know the pandemic as an opportunity. I hope we continue to do our services ”.

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