Kahramanmaraş Traffic Management Center is in service 7/24

Kahramanmaras traffic management center is in service
Kahramanmaras traffic management center is in service

In Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Management Center, the city traffic is controlled 7/24. With smart systems such as 190 cameras at various points and DMS (Variable Message System), the traffic is ensured to be uninterrupted.

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality aims to have a traffic that can be controlled, directed and managed with new technology systems by implementing 'Smart City' systems. The Traffic Management Center of the Metropolitan Municipality keeps the pulse of the traffic by using smart systems such as 190 cameras and DMS (Variable Message System) located at various points in order to control the city traffic and ensure traffic flow. Even the slightest change in the traffic controlled by smart technologies can be detected with an accuracy of 95% and intervened for the continuity of the traffic.

Smart City Smart Traffic

Traffic Management Center personnel under the coordination of the Metropolitan Transportation Services Department quickly identify many events, from possible traffic problems to disasters that negatively affect the city, take precautions and refer them to the relevant institution. In the traffic control model using smart systems, all intersections can be monitored and the signaling systems can be intervened from the center. Thanks to its technological competence, the Traffic Management Center simplifies the control by giving warnings according to the variables in the hours or days that the traffic will be congested compared to the old systems.

Working in Cooperation

Metropolitan Traffic Management Center works in cooperation with the Traffic Registration and Inspection Directorate of the Provincial Police Department. In this way, the disruptions in the traffic, which is monitored 24 hours with technological equipment, are reported to the relevant units and faster intervention is provided. The coordination of the police forces and the Metropolitan Municipality is ensured at the highest level through the police officers at the Traffic Management Center.

Our eyes are on the roads

In a statement about the Traffic Management Center, Melike Özdemir, Head of Transportation Services Department, said, “As the Metropolitan Municipality, we work with all our units to ensure the continuity of the traffic flow in Kahramanmaraş. We further strengthen the transportation of our city by using 'Smart City' applications with the public institutions we cooperate with. Our eyes are always on the road for the safety of our fellow townspeople, ”he said.

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