Gendarmerie to Catch Criminals with Artificial Intelligence Developed by ASELSAN

gendarmerie to catch criminals with artificial intelligence
gendarmerie to catch criminals with artificial intelligence

The Intelligent Control Point and Gendarmerie Patrol Application (AKN and JADU) Project, needed by the Turkish Ministry of Interior Gendarmerie General Command, was initiated with the JEMUS 5 Provincial Project Agreement - Contract Amendment - 1 signed between ASELSAN and the Defense Industry Presidency.

Data-based decision for the Gendarmerie teams providing public order service by ASELSAN with the signed contract
Along with products aimed at accelerating operational activities and enabling the delivery of data, software strengthened with the support of artificial intelligence technologies and big data analysis will be delivered.

Within the scope of the needs of the Gendarmerie General Command, smart control points will be established at seven points in total. With the systems to be installed at road control points; Vehicles that are being stopped at the initiative of the personnel will be stopped according to the alarms to be generated by the system, within the framework of the algorithms to be developed, and the controls for the stopped vehicles and the persons inside the vehicle will be carried out with ASELSAN products.

Intelligent Application Gendarmerie patrols and outposts with Turkey in all central systems will be installed to be activated. Through this application, identity, person and license plate checks will be done centrally with mobile applications.

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