Recycling Containers are Placed for Packaging Waste in İzmir

Recycling containers are placed in Izmir for packaging waste.
Recycling containers are placed in Izmir for packaging waste.

Standing out with its sustainable waste management practices, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has designed packaging waste recycling containers to encourage recycling of waste by collecting it separately at the source. Containers started to be placed on streets and squares throughout the city.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its recycling campaign in order to prevent and reduce waste generation in the city and to collect and recycle waste in order to leave a livable environment to future generations. The Metropolitan Municipality, which started the "Recycling of Waste Razors" project by distributing waste razor boxes to 4 barbers to collect the razor blades separately at their source, designed recycling containers for packaging waste to be placed in streets and squares throughout the city. Recycling containers where paper, plastic, glass and metal wastes can be collected will be opened by authorized persons to collect waste. With this project, it is aimed to create an application union instead of waste bins of different types, sizes and colors on the streets and to spread the recycling culture in the society. The placing of the containers starting from Karabağlar district will continue in other districts.

Our aim is to make recycling a culture of life.

Yıldız Devran, Deputy Secretary General of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, stated that they are carrying out multi-faceted studies in order to reduce the amount of waste to be disposed throughout the city and to ensure that waste is brought into the economy as raw materials. Devran said, “Our aim is to popularize the recycling culture in the society, to make it a lifestyle and to raise awareness. For this, we wanted to create eye familiarity by designing one type of container instead of different types and sizes of containers. We have designed useful containers where our citizens can easily dispose of their packaging waste. We place these containers on the main streets, boulevards and squares under the responsibility of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. We ask our citizens to support the recycling campaign we started by throwing packaging wastes into these recycling containers ”.



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