Answer to Lies About Historical Passport Pier from Izmir Metropolitan

Answer to the lies about the historical passport pier in Izmir, Istanbul
Answer to the lies about the historical passport pier in Izmir, Istanbul

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality responded to the false campaign launched on social media, led by AKP and MHP, under 3 headings.

Lie 1: The name of the Historical Passport Pier has not changed, it will never change.

Lie 2: Since the passport pier was renovated, the floating pier named 'Agamemnon', which was temporarily brought from Urla for ships to dock, was built in 2017. Tunç Soyer has nothing to do with the construction of the pier or its name.

Lie 3: The floating pier, which will return to its place in Urla a few days later, is named after the historical Agamemnon Thermal Springs serving in Balçova for touristic purposes.

We are amazed by the efforts of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to use the floating pier, which was built in 2017 to provide public transportation by sea to Urla, the touristic district of the city, as an artificial agenda tool by a certain political segment and press organizations known to serve the same understanding.

The Agamemnon Floating Dock, which is the subject of the discussion, was put into service in 2017 with the permission of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. The floating pier was temporarily brought from Urla on 29 October due to the renovation works initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality at Alsancak Passport Ferry Pier, and was connected to the existing pier so that the İZDENİZ passenger ships traveling in the gulf could dock. After the completion of the renovation works, it will be taken back to Urla after a short time and will continue to serve with the same name.

Therefore, the pier in question had nothing to do with the presidency of Tunç Soyer, who was tried to be the target of funny accusations because of the name it bears.

Moreover, Agamemnon, which even some people who claim to have a say in Izmir politics today, have begun to mention with deep conspiracy theories for the last two days, has given its name to various facilities in the city for many years. Historic Agamemnon thermal springs in Balçova are among these. The promotion of hot springs is also made under the same name on the official website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The fact that political administrators who attended numerous state ceremonies in Agamemnon Hall in Balçova Thermal Facilities pretend to hear this name for the first time is a black picture of hypocritical politics. We also remind you of the "Agamemnon Hall" expressions in the invitations prepared for the names at the top of the state.

In summary, the floating pier was not built in the period of Tunç Soyer and the name Agamemnon was not given by him. However, it is known that facilities affiliated to the Governorship of Izmir, which is named Agamemnon, are still operating in Izmir. On the other hand, we believe that it would be best to leave the funnyness of producing conspiracy theories based on mythological stories dating back to 1200 BC to the discretion of the public.

The fact that the love of the homeland is used for lies and slanders over our common values ​​such as the state, the nation and the flag for the sake of political interests stands before us as the real issue of our politics that should be concerned.

We are very aware that the only problem of those who put forward these lies is to obscure the services we do and will do for İzmir while keeping us busy with their lies. We will not fall into this trap, but we will not leave the square to liars and slanderers.

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