Environmental Solution for Istanbul's Metro and Metrobus Lines

Solar energy project on Istanbul's metro and metrobus lines
Solar energy project on Istanbul's metro and metrobus lines

Turkey, which operates in the US and European multinational company that manages and 40 years supply process management and project finance organization into the business life signatory Taylan Karamanli, to tell the subway and Metrobus lines in solar energy projects in Turkey and wants to implement.

Signed many successes for years abroad, foreseeable risk area and financial information every time the supply process using the proper life initiatives and the International Project Finance Specialist Taylan Karaman, Turkey continues its preparations for the projects.

Make the maximum benefit who tried to create Taylan Karamanli from studies, Turkey's metropolitan city of Istanbul's transportation network to the desire to bring the solar panel project ediyor.ort Asia's largest solar energy Karamanli, an investor will handle the plant is more to go to go with this project important the winner aims to find a solution to one of the environmental problems.

Environmental Solution from Karamanlı to Istanbul

The Procurement Process Hometown want to provide benefits to Turkey and the International Project Finance Specialist Karamanli, metro and metrobus line on the renewable energy project wants to offer the people of Istanbul first. Karamanlı believes that the solar energy panel project developed for the metro and metrobus lines, which is an exemplary project to the world, is environmentally friendly and can benefit the people of Istanbul by transforming the idle areas in Istanbul to public benefit.

Saying “I sincerely believe that we will bring joy, health and prosperity to our business when we work passionately”, Taylan Karamanlı wishes to implement the solar energy project in the cities of Izmir and Ankara in the upcoming period as it aims to benefit the whole.

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