The Domestic Agenda of Istanbulites, Economic Problems and Covid-19

economic problems and covid
economic problems and covid

December Report of the “Istanbul Barometer” research has been published. Economic problems and Covid-19 came to the fore in the domestic agenda of Istanbul residents. 47.9 percent of the participants stated that the minimum wage in Istanbul should be between 3 thousand and 3 thousand 500 TL. The minimum wage level of 3 TL determined by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality was supported by 100 percent of the participants. The three most important services that Istanbul residents expected from IMM in 83.3 were social assistance, transportation services and the fight against earthquake. Satisfaction with the Municipality's Halk Süt, Mother Card and student scholarships was measured as 2021 percent. The ratio of approvals of IMM to borrow with Eurobond for the construction of metro tenders was 74,5 percent.

Istanbul Planning Agency (IPA) Istanbul Statistics Office published the "Istanbul Barometer December 2020 Report", which takes the pulse of Istanbul in many topics from the domestic agenda of Istanbul people to their mood levels, from economic preferences to job satisfaction. The report was prepared by phone calls with 28 residents of Istanbul between December 2020, 8 - January 2021, 827. With the Istanbul Barometer prepared by the Istanbul Statistics Office, periodic surveys are conducted every month with questions on the same theme. The opinions of the people of Istanbul on hot agenda issues, their awareness and attitude towards municipal services are analyzed. The results of the December Report are as follows:

Domestic agenda, economic issues and Covid-19

Ev37.4 percent of the participants who were asked what they talked mostly stated that economic problems, 35.9 percent, Covid-19, and 6.7 percent of the possible water and drought problems in Istanbul were discussed. Compared to November, it was seen that economic problems were expressed more by the participants, and Covid-19 was less on the domestic agenda compared to last month.

Water level in dams is on the agenda

59.4 percent, the critical level of dam waters in Istanbul; 21.1 percent said that Covid-19 and 10.5 percent considered the free Mother card, aid to university students and Halk Milk distributions found against the legislation by the Court of Accounts as the agenda of December.

Turkey's agenda Covidien-19 and the minimum wage

December-19 Covidien Turkey's agenda was to bring the minimum wage debate, and vaccine studies in Turkey. Covidien 30,3 percent of respondents-19, 25,4 percent to 23,1 percent of the minimum wage debate and voiced out their work to bring Turkey.

AThe minimum wage was asked to be 3 thousand -3 thousand 500 TL

When asked about the minimum wage of a citizen living in Istanbul, 47.9 percent of the participants stated that it should be between 3 thousand -3 thousand 500 TL and 21.9 percent should be between 3 thousand 500-4 thousand TL. The minimum wage amount determined by IMM for its employees, 3 thousand 100 TL, was supported by 83.3 percent of the participants.

The three most important problems are earthquakes, economic problems and transportation.

"What do you think is the most important problem of Istanbul?" 51.8 percent answered possible Istanbul earthquake, 47.9 percent, economic problems, 40.9 percent, transportation. Compared to November, while the rate of possible Istanbul earthquake and economic problems decreased, although the rate of transportation increased, the first three rankings did not change.

Services expected in 2021, social assistance, transportation services, earthquake fighting

According to the participants, the three most important services expected from IMM in 2021 were social assistance (44.1 percent), transportation services (37.4 percent) and earthquake combat (26.6 percent).

Satisfaction with Halk Süt, Mother Card and student scholarships, 74.5 percent

The opinions of the participants were taken on the evaluation of municipal services such as Halk Milk distribution to families with children, free Mother Card and student scholarships as contrary to the legislation by the Court of Accounts. When the participants were asked about their satisfaction with these services, it was seen that 74.5 percent were satisfied.

61.9 percent support to borrowing with Eurobonds

Participants were asked whether they support IMM's re-implementation of stopped metro lines by borrowing from abroad with Eurobonds. 61.9 percent of the participants stated that they supported, 20.7 percent stated that they did not, and 17.4 percent stated that they did not know about this issue.

40.1 percent want to be vaccinated

While 40.1 percent of the participants wanted to be vaccinated, 61.1 percent of them stated that they wanted to be vaccinated as soon as possible. Turkey if the vaccine to be necessary to make which vaccines percent 44.1 of respondents are asked whether they would prefer, stating that to have information about the vaccines, while 41.1 percent has announced that it would prefer German origin biontech vaccine.

78.8 percent think access to water will be difficult in the future

In relation to the decrease in the occupancy rate in Istanbul dams, the participants were asked whether they think that access to water will be difficult in the future. 78,8 percent of the participants stated that they think it will get harder. It was learned that 93 percent of the participants saved water. Among the most common practices to save water were 71.9 percent not to waste water while brushing teeth, and 68,4 percent not to run the dishwasher and washing machine before it is full.

45.3 percent want to return to summer-winter time

Participants were asked about their views on the dual clock system, which was applied until 2017. 45.3 percent stated that they wanted the implementation of the dual clock system, 39.8 percent said they wanted the implementation of the fixed summer system. 14.9 percent did not comment on this issue.

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