Istanbul University Will Recruit 22 Contracted Health Personnel

Istanbul University will recruit contracted healthcare staff
Istanbul University will recruit contracted healthcare staff

In order to be employed as Contracted Personnel in accordance with the clause (B) of Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No.4, in order to be covered from the income from the Special Budget, in Istanbul University Health Application and Research Centers, the Decree No. According to the clause (B) of the additional article 06.06.1978 in the Principles Regarding the Principles Regarding the Employment of Contracted Personnel published in the Official Gazette, 7 contracted personnel will be recruited for the positions specified below, based on the 15754 KPSS (B) group score order.

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Istanbul University will recruit contracted healthcare staff


Applications are made within 15 days from the day the announcement is published in the Official Gazette (until the end of working hours). will be made online at. At the end of the application, the Public Personnel Selection Exam Results declared by the candidates will be confirmed by our institution from the OSYM. Applications of candidates who make false statements will not be accepted and will be dealt with in accordance with general provisions. Applications made by mail or in person will not be accepted. The applications of candidates who delay the application date or whose qualifications are unsuitable will not be processed.

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