What is Business English? Business English Vocabulary

learn by speaking
learn by speaking

Business English includes word and sentence patterns that can also be expressed as career English and that people can use in their business lives. Business English is not only in job search processes; It should also be widely used during active work. For this reason, it is essential that anyone who wants to take on a good job has good business English.

Business English Vocabulary List

You can browse the list of common business English words in the list below. For more business English You can examine the word list.

  • Account: Account
  • Accepted: Accepted
  • Affidavit: sworn, written statement
  • Amount: Quantity
  • Article: Article
  • Airwarybill: Air Waybill
  • Banknote: Banknote
  • Bond: Bond
  • Case: Case
  • Check: Check
  • Cartage: Shipping cost
  • Exchange: Exchange, stock market
  • Freight: Freight
  • Guarantee: Guarantee, guarantee
  • Margin: Margin
  • Maturity: Maturity
  • Purchase: Purchase
  • Turnover: Turnover
  • Wholesale: Wholesale

How to Learn Business English?

Learning Business English is extremely important for career planning. You can apply the following methods to learn Business English and open the door to success in business life.

  • Practice Lots of Practice.
    To be successful in Business English, you need to express yourself well. If you practice speaking a lot, it is not possible for you to have any difficulties in preparing for an English interview.

You can browse through various English learning sites and English learning apps and discover the best practice platform for yourself. You can practice English on any subject on the sites you discover and increase your business English speaking skills.

  • Follow English Broadcasting Channels.

In order to learn Business English, it is important to have as much exposure to English as possible and to listen to things as often as possible. Online Englishsmart education It is possible to achieve this with. Also, by watching movies or TV shows with English subtitles, you can not only improve your business English; you can also improve your general knowledge of English.

Those who want to move forward in English in business life should follow them by discovering publications related to the business line they want to work with. In addition, following business related publications in general is also extremely effective in learning English vocabulary for business and gaining new knowledge.

  • Learn English Reactions to Certain Situations.

Learning English reactions about a possible situation that will happen to a person at any time in business life is effective in solving his current problem. At the same time, the sentence patterns used in various situations related to the job you want to work may differ and it can be difficult to hear them for the first time in business life.

For this reason, learning these patterns before starting business life both helps to establish a more effective communication and provides an additional motivation to work on learning foreign languages.

  • Start Using Your Phone in English.

One of the well-known and very effective methods to be done in familiarizing with English is to use your phone in English. Using the mobile phone, which is frequently used in daily life, in English contributes to both learning new words and indirectly improving their professional English.

  • Get a Dictionary for Business English Suitable for Your Field.

Obtaining an English dictionary that is suitable for the field and learning a word from there works well in all areas of business life. Individuals working in the field of business administration can also purchase resources from various publications, especially the "Oxford Business and Management Dictionary". These types of dictionaries, which include terms for marketing, sales, business strategy, tax, companies, are also available on the internet.

There are many words of foreign origin in business life for social sciences such as law. Numerous dictionaries, books and articles are available in digital media as well as many printed resources for various fields of medicine, software and engineering. Moreover, these dictionaries are not only available to explain English concepts, but also as translations into other languages.

  • Listen to Conferences Related to the Industry You're Interested in.
    You can attend conferences on the sector you are interested in to improve both your career English and your professional knowledge level, while simultaneously contributing to your language level; You can also improve your business knowledge.

You can participate in "webinars" where audio and video trainings, seminars and presentations are given widely over the internet. In addition to this type of training in many branches such as industry, commerce and software; It diversifies day by day due to the developing world conditions.

At the same time, some trainings are recorded and made available to all interested users for later viewing by the participants who participate in them. Many seminars conducted with various applications such as Google+ Hangouts, Skype, Adobe Connect can be reached easily as a result of short researches made on search engines.

  • Read Resources Related to Your Business.
    The last practice one can do for those who want to improve on a career in English is to read business resources in English. Those who want to improve on professional English should therefore explore magazines and various publications about it, and in addition to these, read various articles related to the business world.

For example, individuals who are content producers can read the "Chief Content Officer" magazine to follow the latest trends, or people who work on technology and computers in a similar way can browse "Wired Magazine, Computer World, MIT Technology Review" resources. Digital versions of these resources are known to be available on the internet.

At the same time, thanks to the Google Academic platform, which is accessible via Google, it is possible to reach new types of trends in the field of your interest. Another application that helps individuals about business English through Google is Google Alert. With Google Alert, which helps people to get new content and videos to their e-mail addresses every day, it is extremely easy to get information without doing research in all areas of the business world.

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