Turkey, Agri-Iran border on 81 kilometers of the wall and Strengthens

turkey nerve pain brought strengthened the Iran-kilometer wall
turkey nerve pain brought strengthened the Iran-kilometer wall

The 81-kilometer firewall built on the Ağrı-Iran border has been completed. Terrorism, smuggling and illegal crossings decreased significantly thanks to the wall equipped with watchtowers, lighting and cameras.

The firewall, which was started to be built by the Housing Development Administration (TOKI) in 2017, was completed in a short time at the zero point of the Ağrı-Iran border, despite the difficult geography.

Speaking about the wall, Ağrı Governor Osman Varol said, “This wall construction, which we have seen now, is a part of the Iğdır and Ağrı Border Physical Firewall System project. If we want to talk about the Ağrı part here, we have completed the construction of a wall of approximately 81 thousand 300 meters, ie 81 points and 3 kilometers, in a short period of 2 years at the beginning of last month. said.

Every Detail Considered

The project cost 200 million liras. Approximately one meter of razor wire was laid on the wall where every detail was considered. A security road was built for watchtowers, cameras, lighting systems and patrols. Pedestrian and vehicle gates were also built for emergencies.

Equipped with the latest technology, the firewall has 15 doors with bulletproof glass. In this way, the teams provide border security by easily patrolling the security path created along the border.

There is a Serious Decline in Terrorist Activities

The giant project started to bear fruit in a short time. Stating that illegal immigrant entries from the region have decreased significantly, as reflected in the statistics recently, Governor Varol said, “Again, there is a serious decrease in drug smuggling. There is a serious decrease in terrorist activities. All of these are the benefits of this massive border security physical wall system that you have seen here right now. " he spoke.

Security measures will also be enhanced with motion detecting sensors placed at intervals along the wall line.

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