First Coronavirus Vaccine Introduced to Health Minister Fahrettin Koca

first coronavirus vaccine was made to husband, health minister
first coronavirus vaccine was made to husband, health minister

Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca made a statement after the Coronavirus Scientific Committee Meeting. Afterwards, the first coronavirus vaccine, which was given Emergency Use Approval, was administered to the Minister of Health Koca at Ankara City Hospital.

In a statement, the Science Board's current main agenda of the vaccination program that transmits husband 30-31 December, that two parts if moved to 3 million doses of vaccine delivered on public health warehouse from Turkey and from that date Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency ( TITCK) reminded that he started security tests that will take 14 days.

Her husband, noting that as of today the completion of safety tests, said it was done as a routine safety tests of this vaccine for all who come to Turkey.

Previously to make an assessment to give emergency use approval Phase 3 study that evaluated by demanding interim results of the vaccine ongoing in Turkey, the transfer of her husband, a vaccine based on these results is understood to be sufficiently safe and reminded that the start of the process for emergency use approval.

"Our top priority is to execute the vaccination program in an extremely transparent way"

Minister Koca pointed out that TITCK announced that TITCK gave the emergency use of the vaccine in the evening and thanked the staff who worked meticulously without compromising the safety principles and the independent committee member scientists.

Her husband, continued by saying: "will begin to vaccinate health of all our employees in Turkey from tomorrow. Vaccines were delivered to the public health depots of 81 provinces. Our citizens will be able to follow the course of the vaccination program live on the website. Our top priority is to carry out the vaccination program in a transparent manner.

Due to the data matrix on the vaccines, it is not possible to use the vaccine other than the person assigned to its name. I want you to be sure that the vaccine will be distributed fairly and that there will be no other practice other than the priority set by the Scientific Committee. Persons who will be vaccinated in accordance with the procurement plan will be notified when it is their turn and will go to get their vaccinations by appointment. "

"Today is the first day of a new era"

Stating that the vaccination of state elders was also found useful by the Scientific Committee in terms of motivating citizens in vaccination studies, Koca said that this will set an example:

“Today is the first day of a new era that we have initiated to stop the devastating impact of a global epidemic that has eroded us for a year and touched every household. With the devoted efforts of our healthcare professionals, we are determined to apply the vaccine and comply with precautions and restrictions until the epidemic is stopped. Being aware of the importance of this day for the health of all of us and the peace of our society, I ask you to support the vaccination program. "

"The first coronavirus vaccine was given to Health Minister Koca"

After the Emergency Use Approval was given, the first coronavirus (CoronaVac) vaccine was administered to the Minister of Health Koca at Ankara City Hospital.

Koca, who was vaccinated by health officials at the hospital where he came with members of the Coronavirus Scientific Committee, said, "I said that the light was seen at the end of the tunnel, you remember, today is such a day".

Noting that this light is seen with the start of vaccination in the world, Koca said, “I believe the coming days will be bright. I wish good luck to our nation and country ”.

While emphasizing that everyone should be vaccinated, Koca said, “Because vaccination is one of the most important ways of preventing this disease. "We must definitely get the vaccine in order to return to our normal, old lives."

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