Used Car Sales To Increase At Least 2021 Percent In 10

second-hand car sales also increase by at least a percentage
second-hand car sales also increase by at least a percentage

The used car market closed the year 2020 with an increase of 10 percent compared to the previous year, with over 8 million units.

2plan Chief Executive Officer Orhan Ülgür stated that the market almost came to a standstill with the epidemic that took effect in March, and then, with the exchange rate and ongoing price increases, there was an explosion in demand and sales, “The second-hand market stabilized in October, and in November and December it had a stagnant period with both interest rate increases and zero-vehicle campaigns. Despite everything, the market closed the year 8 with a sales of over 2020 million units, ”he said.

Ülgür also announced his predictions for 2021 as follows:

“There is a more active market in January compared to December and this continues to increase. We expect the market to return to normal as of March. With the epidemic, the tendency to use individual vehicles has increased and this will further trigger the demand to purchase vehicles and the market will find its dynamic rhythm again with the period we will start to normalize. It will close the year 2021 with approximately 10 million units of sales, again with an increase of at least 9% compared to the previous year.

Addressing consumers, Ülgür also noted that this period, when the mobility in the market started, offers advantages in terms of prices and vehicle diversity and that this can be considered as an important opportunity for purchasing.

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