Increase in Used Vehicle Prices Has Become Permanent

Increase in used vehicle prices has become permanent
Increase in used vehicle prices has become permanent

İlker Dirice, Chairman of DRC Motors, said that the serious increase in vehicle prices in 2020 became permanent in 2021.

Speaking about the increase in vehicle prices, which started with the 6-month delay in the arrival of new vehicles due to the pandemic, DRC Motors Chairman of the Board İlker Dirice said, “The rise in new vehicle prices caused the galleries selling low segment vehicles in the second-hand markets to increase prices. Unfortunately, this situation caused the price of a 2020-year-old middle segment vehicle, which was sold for 50 thousand TL at the beginning of 5, to reach 100-120 thousand TL.

"Prices will not decrease in second hand markets"

Commenting on the expectation of a decrease in prices, Dirice said, “The price increase is not based solely on the pandemic. Currently, the rise in foreign currency prices has already caused new vehicles to be sold at almost double the price. Besides, with the tax updates, prices would have already increased, but Covid-19 accelerated this. If there is no decrease in foreign currency, vehicle prices will be permanent as they are, ”he said.

Luxury vehicle sales continue to increase

Making a statement regarding the demand changes in the luxury segment, Dirice said, “Luxury vehicles were bought and sold a lot in 2020. The sellers turned the price increase into an opportunity and made sales with the effect of the exchange rate. Vehicles that cost about twice as much in just one month were sold. While a serious trade volume is forming in the luxury vehicle market, those who believe that the prices will not decrease continue to buy vehicles ”.

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