Transformation of 1000 Minibuses and Minibuses into Taxi in IMM is on UKOME Agenda for the 5th time

ibb, minibus and dolmus to taxi once in ukome gundem
ibb, minibus and dolmus to taxi once in ukome gundem

The 5 taxi project, which IMM brought to the UKOME agenda for the 1000th time to solve the problems of the driver tradesmen, was transferred to the sub-commission for evaluation. At the meeting, proposals to bring new license plates to private public buses and purple buses that are included in IETT and bringing standards to bumps throughout the city were also accepted.

The first meeting of the IMM Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) of 2021 was held at the Eurasia Show Center in Yenikapı under the presidency of IMM Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar.

In the meeting, IMM brought to the agenda of UKOME for the 5th time to solve the problems of the driver tradesmen; The proposal to convert 750 minibuses and 250 taxi minibuses into taxis was discussed. In line with the request of the Ministry representatives to complete the meeting in the sub-committee, the proposal was transferred to the sub-committee again for unanimous evaluation.

Drivers and Vehicle Turkey Federation's Chamber of Representatives and Chairman of the Istanbul taxi driver Eyup Aksu, leaving the 250 minibus taxis adoption, said they look to return to the warm cab of the van.

Last November, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluAt the UKOME meeting chaired by .


At the UKOME meeting; Due to the establishment of the Private Transporter Management System within IETT, the proposal, which includes changing the plates of Istanbul Transportation Inc. and Private Public Buses, was unanimously approved.


With another proposal approved by UKOME, the standard has been set for bumps on the roads across Istanbul, which occasionally cause complaints and lawsuits. The proposal regarding the arrangement of the speed stop warning band and the elevated pedestrian crossing elements, which were implemented and to be implemented throughout Istanbul, in accordance with the standard specified in the KGM Traffic Signs Handbook, was unanimously approved. With the decision taken, integrity and standard will be ensured in applications throughout the city. Thus, technical and legal problems will be eliminated.


The proposal to place a taxi stand at the four corners of the Esenler Grand Istanbul Bus Station was also unanimously accepted. Operator of the bus station, İBB Boğaziçi Yönetim AŞ Büyük Istanbul Bus Station Operations Manager Fahrettin Beşli said that the taxi stands will be operated by IMM and the implementation will eliminate the grievances of citizens and taxi drivers.

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