World's Longest Range Horizontal and vertical cable car facility Performing in Turkey

Widow Mountain
Widow Mountain

Düldül Mountain, a mysterious mountain full of legends, is the highest peak of the Amanos Mountains in the northeast of Düziçi District of Osmaniye province. The altitude of Düldül Mountain from sea level is 2.448 meters.

Duldul's name is our Prophet Hz. Muhammad was gifted to him and he was his uncle's son, also his son-in-law and the fourth caliph Hz. According to legend, Ali's horse Düldül passed through this area and left his footprint. The name of the mountain comes from here.

The region of Düldül Mountain up to a height of 2.000 meters is covered with larch forest and maquis plants. Düldül Mountain is a magnificent herbal museum with a wide variety of medicinal herbs, Yayla Tea, which turns golden yellow when brewed, more than 14 kinds of Thyme, Çiriş and similar herbs.

To reach the summit of Düldül Mountain, it is necessary to drive to Başkonuş Plateau, which is 27 km from Düziçi. From this point, walking for 3 hours is the only way to reach the summit. When the cable car facility, which was tendered with the great efforts of the Düziçi Municipality and whose construction and installation works started 2 years ago, is completed in a short time, it will be possible for everyone to reach the summit of Düldül Mountain.

The Düldül Mountain ropeway system is designed with a single-rope-detachable terminal-8-person cabin. The horizontal length of the cable car line is 5.466 meters, and the vertical distance between the lower and upper stations is 1.551 meters. Due to these features, the Düldül Mountain cable car facility has earned the title of the longest horizontal and vertical distance cable car facility in the world. The operating speed of the ropeway system is 6 meters / second and 43 people can be transported in one direction per hour with 600 cabins in the system.

Bartholet BMF Group AG s Grand Yapı Teleski Chairlift Cable Car Ahmet ERBİL and Mehmet YAVUZ, who are the officials of the joint venture company established by their companies, stated that they completed the construction and installation works of the ropeway facility, the technical tests required to obtain the operating technical license could not be performed because the winter conditions made it difficult to work, these tests would be completed immediately and the operation would be started after the weather conditions improved.

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