Groundbreaking for Basin Mechanical Parking Lot Construction

The foundation of the basin mechanical parking lot construction is being laid
The foundation of the basin mechanical parking lot construction is being laid

Project investments that will solve the parking lot problem in Samsun and its districts are starting. Stating that the foundation of the Basin Mechanical Parking Lot construction will be laid within two weeks, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir made examinations in the area.

The Metropolitan Municipality is making significant investments to solve traffic problems in Samsun's center and districts. The Metropolitan Municipality, which started the mechanical parking lots, whose superstructures were determined as green areas, took action. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir, who examined the modern and multi-storey mechanical parking lot project in Havza district, which is the center of spa tourism, gave the following information about the 5-storey car park with 5 vehicle capacity to be built on a land of 340 thousand square meters:

“A wonderful car park for Havza kazanwe are raising. Hopefully, with this investment, we will have solved the parking lot and parking problem of our district to a large extent. The car park, which will be 3 floors underground, will work with a completely mechanical system. In other words, drivers will not look for a place to park their vehicles. The system will do this by itself. This investment is an indication of the importance and value we attach to the people of Havza. Our people deserve the best and most beautiful of everything. After laying the foundation, we will complete it in 540 days and put it into service. This investment is already good for the people of Havza. We will lay the groundwork in two weeks.”


to the district kazanHavza Mayor Sebahattin Özdemir, who thanked Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir for the parking lot to be opened, said, “The most important problem experienced by our people and our guests coming to our district was the parking lot. After discussing the issue with our esteemed president, he immediately took action. He called the relevant unit officials and instructed the site determination and project preparations. We allocated the area to the metropolitan municipality with the decision of the council. The tender was made in a short time. The old gas station was demolished and the area was made ready. I would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir and his team for their efforts.”

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