Administrative Fine for Unsafe Protective Mask Manufacturers

Administrative fines for manufacturers of safety masks
Administrative fines for manufacturers of safety masks

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, announced that they imposed administrative fines on companies that risk public health by producing unsafe masks during the pandemic process.

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk reported that the General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety continued market surveillance and inspection activities for personal protective equipment such as masks for the health and safety of citizens.

Unsafe Products Can Be Disposed

Minister Selçuk informed that they took preventive measures for 17 brands / models of masks after the inspection of Personal Protective Equipment and that they started an administrative process for 43 brands and said, “If deemed necessary, procedures such as banning and disposing of market supply will be applied for these products. In addition, our testing processes continue for 14 brands. After the process is completed, unsafe products will be included in the Unsafe Product Information System (GÜBİS) system. "We will not allow anyone to play with the health of our citizens," he said.

Underlining that the necessary follow-up is carried out in order to ensure that malevolent producers offer safe products to the market, Minister Selçuk said, “The planned and notification inspections we have carried out, the safety of respiratory protective and other personal protective equipment on the market through cooperation between institutions, Our activities will continue without slowing down, ”he said.

Safe Products are Supplied to Healthcare Professionals

Stating that they cooperated with the State Supply Office, General Directorate of Public Health and other relevant institutions, especially regarding the personal protectors used by healthcare workers during the Covid-19 pandemic process, Minister Selçuk said, “More than 200 brands and models of personal protective equipment are tested in approved institutions with the coordination of our Ministry. Thus, we contribute to the provision of safe products to healthcare professionals ”.

Minister Selçuk also emphasized that technical support is provided to manufacturers who want to produce Personal Protective Equipment due to the increasing need for safe and appropriate production.

Safe Product Is Offered to the Market by Approved Bodies

Reminding that in the past years, mask certification could be done with limited means in our country, Minister Selçuk stated that it is now easier to offer safe products to the market thanks to the development of the infrastructure of notified organizations.

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk said, “The entrepreneurs and producers who want to produce Personal Protective Equipment are informed by our Ministry about safe product production and correct certification. The requests for information obtained through our communication channels such as CIMER, official letter and PPE Complaint Line for personal protective equipment are answered ”.

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