4 Effective Solutions For Under Eye Darkness!

effective remedy for dark circles under the eyes
effective remedy for dark circles under the eyes

Eye Diseases Specialist Op. Dr. Hakan Yüzer gave information on the subject. Dark circles under the eyes are a skin pigmentation problem seen by most people. These bruises make the person look older, tired and sluggish than they are. Many people are uncomfortable with this situation and say that they try to get rid of it with various cures or make-up, but although these cures temporarily reduce the bruise, they do not completely eliminate it.

Dark circles under the eyes occur why?

With the effect of advancing age, fat, muscle and bone loss, which affect almost every part of the body, also occurs around the eyes. In other words, the thinning fat layer can make the dark circles under the eyes clear. Only tiredness and inability to sleep do not cause dark circles under the eyes.

Under Eye Darkness Treatment

For the treatment of under eye bruises, first of all, the cause of this problem is investigated and if it has occurred as a result of a treatable condition, the appropriate treatment method is made.


With the laser method, the skin color is corrected, that is, the image of the blood vessels that cause bruising is made to appear in normal skin color with the laser and the bruise is eliminated.

Chemical Peeling

The chemical peeling process applied with laser technologies improves the overall skin quality by increasing the collagen in the problematic area and thus eliminating the dark circles under the eyes.

Fat transfer

Fat is taken from the patient's own body, enriched with stem cells and fat injection is used in the treatment of dark circles under the eyes. Since a serum enriched using stem cells is injected, the results of the application are successful.

Surgical Approach

Another method is the surgical approach. With eyelid surgery, the eye area is restructured and revitalized.
Come to our clinic for the treatment of dark circles under the eyes, and let us determine and apply the most appropriate treatment method for you and get rid of these bruises, aging and tired appearance in a short time.

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