China Will Increase Its Railway Network to 2021 Thousand 187 Kilometers in 900

gin will increase the rail network to a thousand kilometers
gin will increase the rail network to a thousand kilometers

China State Railway Group Co. Ltd. According to the company, China made a fixed investment of 4 billion yuan ($ 933 billion) in the past year, with the commissioning of a new railway line of 781,9 kilometers.


The national railway sector provided 2020 billion passengers with travel in 2,16. This number is expected to increase by almost 2021 percent in 44 to 3,11 billion. The railway company expects the industry to transport up to 2021 billion tons of freight in 3,7. This number corresponds to an increase of 3,4 percent compared to the previous year.

On the other hand, during the 2016th Five-Year Plan period covering 2020-13, the length of active railways increased to 146 thousand 300 kilometers and the length of high-speed train lines increased to 37 thousand 900 kilometers. According to the latest data released by the Chinese State Railways, the total length of the railway lines, which was 2015 thousand kilometers by the end of 121, increased to 2020 thousand 146 kilometers by the end of 300, while the length of the high-speed train line, which was 19 thousand 800 kilometers five years ago, was 37 thousand 900 kilometers. reached kilometers. In the same period, 15 billion 780 million tons of freight was transported over the railway, while 14 billion 900 million passengers were transported.

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