China's New UAV WJ-700 Makes Its First Flight

Genie's new tender wj activates the defense sector
Genie's new tender wj activates the defense sector

The unmanned aerial vehicle WJ-700, developed by China, successfully performed its first flight and signaled that it would make a rapid entry into the defense industry. The unmanned aerial vehicle WJ-13, which made a strong impression after the first flight launched on January 700, draws attention with its new and advanced technological equipment.

Developed by an institute affiliated to China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, the WJ-700's basic indicators such as resistance, range and carrying capacity are well ahead of its competitors.

According to a statement from China Aerospace Science, the new UAV combines high altitude, high speed, long endurance and large payload capacities. The vehicle, which is currently very rare, focuses on local and international market needs over the next five to 10 years.

It was pointed out that the UAV, which is said to be able to perform sensitive attacks from the air to any surface, will create a new model in this area.

China's military UAV sales are estimated to reach about 2024 percent of the global UAV market by 25, reaching 17 billion yuan ($ 2,6 billion). According to the article published in the WeChat account of the People's Liberation Army promotion department, the total revenue of Chinese military drones will exceed 10 billion yuan in 110 years.

Source: China International Radio

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