Cargo Waiting Period At Home Is Over Now Your Cargo Is Waiting For You

The cargo waiting period at home is over now, your cargo is waiting for you
The cargo waiting period at home is over now, your cargo is waiting for you

Appointment delivery period has started in cargo; The cargo waiting period stolen from time is over. One Day Shipping with buyers in Turkey for the first time put into practice by appointment delivery options, find the opportunity to reach the cargo whenever and wherever you want. The application, which ends the cargo waiting period at home, allows the recipient to arrange the delivery date and time even at the last moment, and to follow the location of the cargo instantly with the GPS feature.

Cargo in One Day delivers the order given by the buyer from the e-commerce company to the recipient wherever and whenever they want, with the appointment delivery system initiated by pioneering the sector. The application, which ends the waiting period for cargo at home, also offers the buyer the opportunity to edit the delivery date and time of the order in cases such as instant address change.

Stating that they offer the advantage of scheduling an appointment with the courier whenever they want, Yaşar Kımıl, Co-Founder of One-Day Cargo, says that they have ended the waiting period. “Thanks to our technological infrastructure we developed, we removed the answer“ We are not at home ”, which we are used to hear frequently, from the literature, and we gave control to the buyer. The directions of the buyer such as "I'll be here, share location, deliver at this time" are enough for us. So we have ended the cargo waiting period; now your delivery man is waiting for you. With this personalized cargo service we offer to the recipient, we also enable the recipient to manage their cargo with a single button on their mobile phone. The recipient can follow his cargo in motion with the link received via SMS. All deliveries are made with photos and GPS records. Thus, we offer 100% delivery security. ''

Return Rates Zero

Acting with the concept of new generation cargo and offering personalized services, One Day Cargo, with the appointment delivery option, keeps the prepared orders in specially protected secure warehouses and delivers them on the date and place specified by the recipient. With the GPS integrated tracking system, the receiver can see where the cargo is, who brought it, when it will be with it, and can communicate with the courier. One-Day Shipping thus does not allow the order to be returned. In possible unwanted situations such as instant address change, the recipient can arrange the instant order or delivery time appointment.

Provides an advantage to e-commerce companies

Stating that they are pioneering the sector by implementing the appointment delivery application, Yaşar Kımıl, Co-Founder of Cargo in One Day said, “With this application, we do not only make the life of the recipient easier. By bringing a solution to the problem of the buyer who cannot receive their cargo because they are not at home, we end the grievance of e-commerce companies. The buyer makes an appointment with his cargo and always reaches his cargo at any place and at any time and under whatever conditions. In this way, we prevent unjust treatments such as returns or complaints from companies. With our technological infrastructure, we continue to bring solutions to the problems that put brands and e-commerce sites in a deadlock. " said.

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