Eskişehir Farmer Revolted: URAYSİM Project Will Destroy Fertile Agricultural Lands

eskisehir farmer rebelled, uraysim project will destroy fertile agricultural lands
eskisehir farmer rebelled, uraysim project will destroy fertile agricultural lands

Will do great harm to the environment and human health with the resistance of the thermal power plant projects Eskişehir Alpu plain of fertile agricultural lands into the agenda of Turkey, faced with a new threat.

Following the cancellation of the thermal power plant project by court decision, this time the destruction of thousands of acres of agricultural land is on the agenda for the Rail Systems Test Center Project (URAYSİM), which is planned to be established in the region. The expropriation decision was taken for thousands of decares of fertile agricultural land to be laid within the scope of the project in Bozan, Çardakbaşı and Yeşildon villages of Alpu. The villagers who opposed the decision on the grounds that it would end agriculture and animal husbandry in the region called for the project to be shifted to the barren lands in the region. Utku Çakırözer, Deputy of CHP Eskişehir, who came together with the farmers, said, “We are not against the construction of a test center in the railway city Eskişehir, Alpu. But it is not right to build the wheat storage on our fertile soil. The main livelihood of this region hits agriculture and livestock breeding. The peasants are standing. None of them want to give up their fertile soil. This project should be built on barren regions in the same region instead of fertile agricultural lands. Turkey has become a point to import wheat. But someone is still trying to destroy the fertile lands that produce wheat, ”he said.


For the URAYSİM test area, which is planned to be implemented in Alpu under Anadolu University, rails will be laid on an area of ​​35 thousand decares, including the villages of Bozan, Çardakbaşı and Yeşildon. The expropriation decision has been made for thousands of acres of agricultural land in the test area, where approximately 100 kilometers of rail will be laid. About 500 farmers who do not want their fertile land taken away are struggling to make their voices heard. Utku Çakırözer, Deputy of CHP Eskişehir, came together with the farmers in Bozan and called on Anadolu University to 'shift the test center to barren treasury lands in the same region instead of fertile agricultural lands'.

They play with our bread

Güven Kırgı, Chairman of the Bozan Agricultural Development Cooperative, explained the main reasons for their objections as follows:

“We have been fighting for years. We made petitions. We said change the location of the project, take it to the barren region. But they did not listen and brought it to an end. They expropriated without even asking for our approval. These lands are our bread. We did consolidation and drilled wells for agriculture here. A lot of effort and money has been spent. Now, kilometers of rails will be laid in these lands against our will. All will disappear in one pen. Both agriculture and animal husbandry will end. "Let those rails be laid in the barren area we call Akbayır instead of these villages."


Alpu Municipality Council Member farmer Murat Erginbaş said, “The most productive places in our Alpu Plain. So many fertile lands that we plant 2 different crops a year. We buy tons of products from the same field all year round. In animal husbandry, 60 percent of the whole region is fattened exactly in this region. 60 thousand small and cattle animals are fed in the villages where these rails will be laid. So come along, do not cut these lands ”he said.

Ali Baş, a member of the Board of Bozan Irrigation Cooperative, said, “They said the High Speed ​​Train, our most fertile land was destroyed. Now, they are trying to establish the URAYSİM project on our fertile soil against all our objections. We collected our petitions, made our calls, but no answer was given. Now a decision has been made to expropriate our lands. We are victims. We are all farmers and peasants against this. "Let them go and do these projects to places that don't end up grass."


CHP Eskişehir Deputy Çakırözer, who stated that they have been resisting for years together with the farmers for the project to be shifted to more arid areas, said, “We have been saying for 5 years. We have calls from Parliament in 2016. The villagers have hundreds of signed petitions. This test center should be built, but instead of fertile lands, it should be built on more arid areas in the region. But no one listens to the farmer's voice. They made an expropriation decision by bringing it all over. If Turkey's most productive agricultural land is not prevented by law to be laid rails. In this region, agriculture and animal husbandry will end. Turkey has imported wheat to point to these policies work. "He came because they destroy the fertile agricultural lands as in Alpu."


Addressing the Anadolu University administration, which is the owner of the URAYSİM project, Çakırözer called for the route of the test area in the project to be changed. Çakırözer said, “Eskişehir is a railway city. Investing in the field of rail systems is positive. Farmers are not against the project either. But we are against making Anatolia at the cost of destroying the fertile agricultural lands. There are arid lands in the same region. Treasure land. If the project is built there, the project can be implemented more quickly and with less cost, without loss of agricultural production. Legal struggle is also initiated in this regard. But instead of waiting for the outcome of the lawsuit, Anadolu University itself should take a decision and change the location of the project ”.


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