Men Ask, Everyone Answers: Started Broadcasting

Men asking
Men asking

One of the sites that started broadcasting a short time ago and fell like a bomb in the internet world Men asking, Such as the concept of the site will notice also those who enter the site is quite similar to the one of Turkey's most visited sites. Of course, the only thing it resembles is not its concept. We think you have understood the site, which is similar to the domain name of the site: Kizlar Asking.

Yes, in the background of erkeklersoruy site for many years, one of Turkey's most visited sites located between the first domestic social media platforms and our country's kizlarsoruy team.

MenSorner is a site created based on the ideas and suggestions of the KizlarSorda team in terms of the concept and technical functioning of the site. Of course there are points where it differs.

Ask and answer questions in categories tailored to men's interests.

In MenAsking, site users can post anything that comes to their mind in categories for men's interests as a question post. We can specify the question categories in Men Asking as follows:

  • Male Care
  • Gamer
  • Garage
  • Relationships
  • Job Career
  • women
  • art and culture
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Style
  • Eat Drink

Specific to these categories, site users can ask anything that comes to mind on the site. What is not among these questions asked in Men Asking?

The thing that gives MenAsking a social media identity, just like Girls Asking, is that users can ask questions on any subject they are curious about. We would like to give an example of the questions asked in the "Women" category in MenSoriyor as an example of the issues that can be asked by the site users.

  • Who do you think is the most beautiful woman in Turkey?
  • Which one do you think is the most beautiful female announcer?
  • Why is Adriana Lima so adored?
  • What do you think makes Beren Saat beautiful?
  • Don't you think Barbara Palvin is the most beautiful woman in the world?

As we have given the examples above, we see that questions are asked on every subject regarding women in the category of the site under the name of women.

Active users of the site are the ones who benefit most from the site

The users who are most active on the MenSor Ask site are the ones who benefit most from the sweepstakes made by the site in certain periods or the special offers for users. What distinguishes the active users of the site from the others in MenAsking is the scoring system called Xper points on the site.

There is a predefined number of Xper points for each activity users do on the site. For example; While 25 Xper points are given to each new user who is a member of MenSorption, if the answer given by a user answering a question on the site is chosen as the most contributing opinion, the Xper score will be 50.

In this way, if users who collect Xper points exceed certain point levels, there is an increase in Xper levels. A user who reaches 300 Xper points will move the Xper level from 1 to 2. In this way, when looking at the Xper levels, according to the users ranked from the most to the lowest, the campaigns organized by the sponsors of the site and the order to benefit from the advantages are also determined.

Men Asking is not only considered a question and answer platform in essence, but also should be considered as a social media platform for these reasons.

With the link above, you can become a member of MenSoruyor and take your place among users of the site.

Günceleme: 18/01/2021 14:37

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