The Seat Belt That His Uncle Ripped From His Vehicle Changed His Life!

The seat belt that his uncle put in his car changed his life
The seat belt that his uncle put in his car changed his life

Inspired by the seat belt that his brother-in-law removed from his vehicle, Yusuf Ziya Kasım, who brought an innovative approach to his product, exports to 28 countries today. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, Turkey's sole local and national safety belt manufacturer which visited the plant in Kocaeli November. Minister Varank emphasized that competitors are not exceeded only with production and price advantage, and said, "You can make your product much more innovative and fight your competitors." said.

Minister Varank made examinations at Ark Pres Emniyet Kemerler A.Ş., located in Kartepe, within the framework of his Kocaeli visit. A presentation was made to Varank, who received information from the company's Chairman of the Board of Directors, Yusuf Ziya Kasım, about the activities. Kocaeli Governor Seddar Yavuz and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Büyükakın accompanied the visit.

Varank stated that the seat belts of commercial vehicles are designed, developed and produced domestically and nationally in the enterprise and said, “I became aware of this company with a social media message. The company's deputy general manager sent a message. 'Mr. Minister, we're serving the automotive sector in Turkey, we are exporting. Would you also visit us? ' they said. " used the expression.

Noting that Kasım, the owner of the company, is a 52-year-old industrialist, Varank said, “Our company can both produce products and compete with global competitors, especially in the automotive sector and commercial vehicles. Besides, they realize their aviation and defense industry projects here. " said.

Varank, Turkey is a major industrial country, explaining that a strong infrastructure, "Our company has established itself in developing infrastructure vendors also tested these products. It can export to the world. The next target is, can we move these products to passenger cars? I wonder what can this company develop for passenger cars domestically and nationally? We evaluated this with our friends. " he spoke.

Kocaeli, emphasizing that it is the heart of Turkish industry Varank, "Both Turkey meets the needs of the domestic industry as well as an important export center. By supporting our companies like this, we will strive to make them global players. " said.

Varank, underlining that there is a global company operating in Turkey rival "One local national and developed from scratch as our company itself does not have an example. Their global competitors are foreign investors. Of course, we are happy to host them here, as they also produce in our country. But of course, we want the local players to develop. " he spoke.

Referring to the fact that seat belts are an important field not only for the automotive but also for the aviation and space sector, Varank said, “The numbers in the aviation industry are quite high. Of course, it is valuable to be able to develop an alternative to these. With this company, we will sit down and discuss whether it can produce both as a test infrastructure and in other branches of the industry. As the Ministry of Industry and Technology, we provide a wide variety of supports to develop the domestic industry. How can we develop this company? We will realize this work. " found the assessment.

Varank said that competitors cannot be surpassed only with production or price advantage and continued as follows: This company has established an R&D center. This said, 'We are working towards value added production. We are working to develop our product in an innovative way. ' say. It doesn't end with price alone. You can make your product much more innovative and compete with your competitors. It is also important for this company to realize this and establish an R&D center supported by our ministry.

Chairman of the Board of Directors Yusuf Ziya Kasım explained the success story of his company with these words: In 1973, I produced the first seat belt. At that time only the pants belt was known. We started to give belt to TOFAŞ and Renault since 1976. Over time, I started to dislike these belts. Because we were making static belts. One day my brother-in-law bought a Mercedes. If you pull slowly, it won't hold, if you pull it fast it will. "What kind of belt?" I said. My brother-in-law dismantled the belt and handed it to me, "Do it!" said. That's how we started. Now we export to many companies like Mercedes. We export 30 percent of our production to approximately 28 countries. We export to Europe, America, Australia continents, all over the world. The value of our country's exports per kilogram is around 1.5 dollars. We export a belt for 8-9 dollars. Our export value per kilogram is high.

Stating that they produce 2, 500 belts a day in a single shift, Kasım said, “We can increase this to two or three shifts. We are advantageous in terms of price, but our foreign competitors are squeezing it a little. If we get support - we don't want money, don't get it wrong - 'Come on, coach!' just to be said. We don't want anything else. " said.

Mr. Eyüp Sabri İshakoğlu, Deputy General Manager of the company, who made an invitation to Minister Varank with a social media message, said, “Three days after the message I wrote, the minister came to visit our company. We knew our minister was very active, but we did not anticipate that he would come so quickly. It has been a great source of pride for us. ” he spoke.

Underlining that they produce seat belts under 4 main headings, İshakoğlu, Deputy General Manager, said, “We produce nearly 1 million parts a year. We have the capacity to increase this to 3 million. " said.

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