What is Elipse Stomach Balloon? Who Is It Applied, How Does It Lose Weight?

What is an ellipse gastric balloon? Who is applied? How to lose weight?
What is an ellipse gastric balloon? Who is applied? How to lose weight?

Today, there are many surgical and non-surgical treatment methods against obesity, which is one of the most serious health problems of our age. While some surgical applications are a cause of concern due to various risks, the swallowable gastric balloon method, which has been on the agenda recently, provides a comfortable slimming process with a single session and a 30-minute procedure. Obesity and metabolic surgery specialist Assoc. Dr. Hasan Erdem answers your questions about this new generation gastric balloon application, also called Elipse gastric balloon.

What is Elipse Stomach Balloon?

Before describing the new generation swallowable ellipse gastric balloon, it is necessary to talk about what the gastric balloon is and its function in general. The gastric balloon is a flexible material in the form of a circle of silicone placed in the stomach. There are types of this material that can be filled with both liquid or air and can remain in the stomach for six or twelve months. This body is inflated with a certain amount of volume and placed in the stomach of the person by the endoscopy method. In these applications, where a much lighter sleep method than anesthesia, which we call sedation, is used, the removal of the balloon when the time comes is also performed by endoscopy.

Elipse swallowable gastric balloon is easier than the application of a traditional gastric balloon. It has a method that is almost as easy as taking medication. In this procedure, the inflatable balloon is contained in a small swallowable capsule. At the end of this capsule, there is a catheter, in other words a very thin tube, that will allow the liquid to be injected into the capsule after it has reached the stomach. The person is asked to swallow this balloon by mouth. Then, the physician starts to inflate the balloon with the tool at the tip of the catheter after making sure that the capsule is down to the stomach as a result of the radiological examination. The balloon, inflated with water, takes about 10 minutes to reach the desired volume. A second X-ray is taken to make sure that the balloon is inflated, and then the catheter is disconnected from the balloon placed in the stomach and removed from the mouth.

After this process, which takes 25-30 minutes, the person's slimming process begins with the appropriate nutrition program given by the dietician. The swallowable gastric balloon takes place in the stomach for about 16 weeks, and at the end of this period, the time-adjusted discharge mechanism on the balloon is opened and the liquid inside is discharged automatically. In this process, when there is no need for any removal process, the balloon comes out of the body naturally through the excretory system.

Who is ellipse gastric balloon applied?

Elipse swallowable gastric balloon application can be applied to many people with 10-15 kilos overweight if no problems are encountered after various examinations.

How does Elipse gastric balloon lose weight?

The basic principle of all gastric balloon applications, including the new generation swallowable Elipse gastric balloon, is to reduce the portion size by covering the volume in the stomach. These methods reduce the volume of the stomach without a permanent change in the stomach. Therefore, people create a calorie deficit by reducing the portion amounts of the foods they consume after the application. This leads to weight loss if it continues regularly.

How much weight is lost with Elipse gastric balloon?

Of course, not everyone can lose the same amount of weight. However, if dietary rules are followed in general and effective in various sports activities, approximately 10 - 15 kilos can be lost with this system.

Are There Risks of Elipse gastric balloon?

Elipse gastric balloon application is not a life-threatening method. However, especially in the first two days after the procedure, cramps, nausea and very rarely vomiting may be seen. All these situations are considered normal within the scope of the post-process adaptation process. Necessary medications are prescribed by the physician to avoid these problems. In troubled situations that the person cannot tolerate, the transaction can be easily canceled.

When to return to daily life after ellipse gastric balloon procedure?

After the swallowable elliptical gastric balloon procedure, most of the patients return to their normal daily activities on the 2nd day of the procedure at the latest. Although extremely rare, some people may experience longer-term side effects. This situation varies according to the pain threshold of the patient.

What will happen after the balloon comes out of the stomach?

The main purpose of such non-surgical weight loss methods is to provide a healthy diet for people after the procedure. Healthy eating habits applied while the balloon is in the stomach should be continued after the balloon leaves the stomach. Otherwise, it is possible to regain the weight lost.

Losing weight is in your hands

The healthiest and most sure way to lose weight is always healthy eating and sports activities. However, for obesity patients who cannot reach their desired weight with diet and exercise, surgical and non-surgical obesity treatments may be on the agenda. It is very important for your health to act in consultation with a specialist physician.

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