Electric Scooters Have Been Regulated!

electric scooters are legally regulated
electric scooters are legally regulated

Turkey's used in many parts of the electric scooter sharing service of a legal arrangement was made. Hunting. Burcu Kırçıl explained what vehicle drivers and scooter users should pay attention to according to the new law regarding electric scooters, which are popular today.

No. 30 dated December 2020, 31350 and published in the Official Gazette No. 7261 of Turkey Environment Agency Law Amending Certain Laws entered into force on the same day with the Establishment. With the aforementioned law recently started to spread in many regions of Turkey electric scooters and sharing service brought to their legislation. "Electric scooter" or "e-scooter" in the terms of the Law; It is defined as a standing vehicle with a maximum speed of 25 km / h, with wheels, a footboard and a handle, and a vertical steering mechanism.

People Under 15 Will Not Use Scooters!

It is possible for e-scooters to be used by persons over 15 years of age, as a rule, on bicycle paths and bicycle lanes. E-scooter users on the bicycle path or lane must be given the first pass by the vehicle drivers in the right / left turns.

Where Are E-Scooters Prohibited?

If e-scooters have a separate bike path or bike lane, in the carriageway; in places reserved for pedestrians; On the other hand, it is prohibited to use motorways, intercity highways and highways with a maximum speed limit above 50 km / h. Likewise, it is forbidden to drive more than two e-scooters side by side in a lane of the carriageway or to carry passengers and other personal items that can be carried on the back.

An administrative fine has been imposed on e-scooter drivers who do not comply with the provisions of the legal legislation in accordance with the Highway Traffic Law No. 2918. Shared e-scooter service providers, which allow users to rent e-scooters for a short time, have been decided to pay an occupancy fee in accordance with the Municipality Revenues Law No. 2464. In accordance with the legal regulation, it will be assumed that every three e-scooters occupy an area of ​​one square meter and the occupancy fee will be calculated. Metropolitan municipalities, special provincial administrations and municipalities have been made responsible for the construction, maintenance and repair of e-scooter roads and lanes, parks and charging stations. However, it has been regulated in such a way that other issues regarding e-scooters and their use will be determined by the regulation to be issued jointly by the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

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