Elazig Intercity Bus Terminal Construction Starts

elazig intercity bus terminal construction work started
elazig intercity bus terminal construction work started

Construction works for the New Intercity Bus Terminal, which is among the vision projects of Elazig Municipality Mayor Şahin Şerifoğulları and which the city has needed for years, has started.

In its current form, the Intercity Bus Terminal, which does not suit the city vision and does not meet the needs, is being rebuilt by Elazig Municipality, 500 meters from the South Ring Road Venk Junction.

It will be a work worthy of the future vision of elazig

The Intercity Bus Terminal building, which is among the election promises of Elazig Mayor Şahin Şerifoğulları and waited by Elazig residents for years, will have a closed area of ​​8.226 square meters and a semi-open area of ​​6.556 square meters. The new intercity bus terminal, whose ground filling and compaction works have started, will add value to the future vision of the city with its modern and comfortable structure.


The new terminal building, which is enriched in terms of technological equipment and social facilities, will include 42 ticket offices, 18 shops, 2 restaurants-cafes, kiosks, prayer rooms, driver's recreation rooms, children's playgrounds and 49 platforms.

Stating that they are working hard to solve the city's problems and meet its needs, Mayor Şahin Şerifoğulları said, "Despite the earthquake process we have been through and the pandemic process that has affected the whole world, as Elazığ Municipality, we have a vision and value for our city. kazanWe continue to work on our future projects. We have been working diligently with our team since the first day we took office. In this direction, we are happy to offer Balakgazi Park and Harput Glass Observation Terrace, City-Village living area, Ulukent District Canal Side Landscaping and Park Construction, Gümüşkavak District Additional Service Building, boulevards, parks and green areas to the service of our citizens. At the same time, the construction works of Elazig Fair and Congress Center, 15 July Democracy Square Underground Parking Lot and Square Arrangement, Barrier-Free Life Center and Mini Terminal building are continuing rapidly.


We are rebuilding our intercity bus terminal, which has been among the most important problems of our city for many years and can no longer meet the needs in its current form. Our new terminal building, which we aim to complete the construction work in a period of 22 months and put it at the service of our citizens, will serve hundreds of thousands of passengers and is worthy of the future vision of the city with its modern and comfortable structure. kazanhe will go,' he said.

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