EGİAD Celebrated its 30th Anniversary with Us Event

We celebrated the egiad year with us event
We celebrated the egiad year with us event

📩 21/01/2021 10:27

Aegean Young Businessmen Association (EGİAD) in the 'We Are Us' event, which is one of the most important activities, where he conveys his experience and mission, brings honorary members and active members together. EGİADcelebrated its 30th anniversary. In the online meeting, EGİADweb-based system covering thirty years of the company and including all its activities. EGİAD The 30th Year Book was also opened to the member and introduced.

Making the opening speech of the meeting, where members showed great interest EGİAD Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mustafa Aslan, EGİADStating that the support and devotion of its members have a large share in achieving its current power, “EGİADHas put its signature under many successful works by putting each other on top of each other for 30 years. Hereby, with his devoted work, EGİADI would like to express my gratitude to all our founders who have served to, my friends who have served in the management and bodies of our association, and all our members. Living 30 Periods in 15 years EGİAD As a family, to contribute to the economic and social development of our region and our country, to protect the problems of industrialists and business people, to work for the institutionalization of civil society and the spread of private entrepreneurship in line with the goal of modern civilization with a parliamentary, democratic, secular understanding of the state of law. took. Our association was established 30 years ago with this meticulousness and during this period, it has developed and pioneered many initiatives for the development of Izmir. As the Board of Directors, we will continue to work in line with our founding principles and objectives, EGİADI would like to state that we will endeavor to develop '' as an effective non-governmental organization. EGİAD"If we are experiencing one of our proud days today, it is entirely thanks to your participation and goodwill." In the meeting where it was stated that activities continue at the same pace without physical contact with the pandemic process, EGİAD Congratulations were sent to President Mustafa Aslan and his team by the members.

There were emotional moments when the members of the board of directors, who took the floor at the meeting, conveyed their work and thoughts on the 15th period in which they were active. EGİADIn the event, where it was stated that it is a school, every president EGİADIt was emphasized that by coming out of it, it carried the flag of the association forward.

Speaking at the meeting, Temel Aycan Şen stated that the 15th term administration, which coincided with major troubles such as pandemics and earthquakes, successfully passed the management process despite all the negativities, giving great support to its members and the people of İzmir.

Levent Akgerman, who took the floor, stated that with the pandemic process, the digital business order entered our lives 10 years ago.

Geza Dologh EGİAD He pointed out that they are working successfully as a sister institution and wished the success of the association that left proud traces in Izmir.

EGİADThe digital book prepared within the scope of the 30th anniversary of the company covers the activities and milestones that have taken place since 1990. The digital book is an important archive that brings together the important moments and activities of the past and the reflections of the periods in the media.

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