Digital Guide for Parents Has Been Prepared

Digital guide for parents has been prepared
Digital guide for parents has been prepared

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, said that they prepared a “Digital Guide” in order to establish a healthy communication between children and their parents in the digital world.

Stating that with the widespread use of computers, smartphones and internet, the time spent by children on the internet has increased, Minister Selçuk said that they are working to raise awareness of parents on the digital world, awareness of possible risks, and conscious use of the internet and social media.

Noting that they have implemented the “Digital Guide” so that parents can take precautions for children against the risks in the internet environment, Selçuk said, “In the Guide, Internet and New Media Concepts, New Media Tools, Being a Parent in the Digital Age, Children and Digital Media, Purposes of Children and Young People Using the Internet, Informatics "The Opportunities and Risks of Technologies for Children, Matters That Should Be Considered by Families to Protect Children from the Risks of Information Technologies, Rating Systems Used for Digital Games, Frequently Used Terms in Social Media, and Suggested Web and Notification Addresses."

"Conscious Internet Use" Training for Parents and Staff

On the other hand, Minister Selçuk also noted that they prepared a training program on Information Technologies and Conscious Use of the Internet.

Selçuk said, “We provide the trainings to our private nursery and day care center employees and families who receive services from these organizations, aimed at introducing children aged 0-6 to information technologies appropriately and protecting children from digital risks. In 2020, we provided training to 81 people, including 6 parents and 400 staff, in 6 provinces. We plan to expand the trainings to cover all our staff and parents ”.

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