World's Busiest Airport Guangzhou, Europe's Istanbul

the busiest airport in the world guangzhou in europe, istanbul
the busiest airport in the world guangzhou in europe, istanbul

The corona epidemic has changed the world's order of crowded and busy airports. The airport, which currently hosts the most passengers in the world, is now located in China, where domestic journeys are also beginning to find their old pace. At Chinese airports, the number of passengers arriving and passing by compared to the pre-corona crisis periods has decreased, but apart from international connections, the environment has largely returned to normal since mid-2020.

Last year's record among Chinese airports belongs to Guangzhou Airport. Approximately 43,8 million passengers landed and boarded the plane from this airport in 2020. This number is actually much less than the number of passengers in 2019; however, the above numbers were enough to set a world record, as the collapse in air traffic elsewhere in the world was greater than that seen in China. In summary, in 2020, as many passengers came and went from any airport in the world as in Guangzhou Airport.

The record holder in the past years was Atlanta Airport in the USA. However, the pandemic effects in this country continue to increase throughout the year; On the other hand, as a result of the reflection of China's economic recovery by controlling the epidemic since the beginning of summer last year on air traffic, Guangzhou Airport took the title of being the busiest airport in the world from Atlanta.

Guangzhou Airport is a kind of turnstile for many Chinese airlines, including China Southern and Hainan Airlines. Located in the south of the country, Guangzhou is the most important economic metropolis of the People's Republic of China as well as Shanghai. There are 15 million inhabitants in the city, but the population living in the area that can be described as Guangzhou's impact basin is more than 100 million. When looking at Europe, it is seen that Istanbul Airport was placed in the first place where London Heathrow Airport was located before, in 2020.

Source: China International Radio

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