27 percent of gamers around the world keep how long they play from their parents

how long gamers around the world keep playing games from their parents
how long gamers around the world keep playing games from their parents

According to Kaspersky's global research1, 27% of gamers around the world feel embarrassed for playing too many games and keep this from their parents. In Turkey, the ratio of 28%.

The new research commissioned by Kaspersky and conducted by Savanta in November 2020 aims to reveal gaming habits in 17 countries and based on the responses of 5.031 people. It also aims to evaluate how this situation changes the dynamics between actors and their parents and what can be done to break down barriers in this area.

According to the players surveyed, the embarrassment of playing games is due to negative stigma such as "bad for your health" (61%) or "brain rotting" (42%). The proportion of those who think that refute the brain's game between the children of parents in Turkey 51%.

Research data Turkey

The biggest disappointment for the players in Turkey, in the form of their appreciation for the passion they have developed many positive aspects of the game thanks to the parents of children stems from building less interaction with them. Because mainly the social aspects of gaming and gaming are very different from movies and music. The skills that parents appreciate are listed as follows: foreign language learning (47%), creativity (41%), social skills (30%) and problem solving (30%). 48% of those surveyed believe that their overall relationship will be better if their parents also "play".

"The game has been of great support to many people this year," says Andrew Winton, Kaspersky VP of Marketing. He offered solace, relaxation and companionship in difficult times. However, for many families, negative perceptions of the game have the opposite effect in terms of enabling an open dialogue and building relationships. We hope that the wise words of mothers will help start better and more positive conversations between actors and parents. ”

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