Spend the Winter Healthy by Eating Correctly

Have the person healthy by eating right
Have the person healthy by eating right

Experts recommend that especially adults and elderly people consume foods rich in vitamin D and calcium as the winter season shows their face and the sun begins to appear less.

Work and pandemic stress, the exhausting daily life of the city and many other reasons, the most effective way to strengthen the immune system is through a balanced diet. Experts point out that with the emergence of the winter season, vitamin D deficiency, whose biggest source is sunlight, is an important risk factor for many diseases, including Covid-19, in adults and the elderly.

Muratbey Nutrition Consultant Prof. Dr. Muazzez Garipağaoğlu emphasized that vitamin D and calcium were inseparable for bone health and immunity at this very time. Noting that vitamin D is needed in order for the calcium taken into the body to settle in the bones with the consumption of dairy products, Garipağaoğlu continued his words as follows:

Vitamin D, a source of health that is scarce in foods

“Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. It is very rare in natural foods. Vitamin D is not found in foods other than fish, fish oil, liver and egg yolk. It is especially important for elderly individuals to consume foods enriched with vitamin D during the winter months in order to both strengthen their immune systems and meet their vitamin D needs. In recent years, it is recommended to raise public awareness of the importance of vitamin D, which is common and associated with many health problems, and to provide vitamin D supplements or to enrich foods with vitamin D, including in countries where the sun is abundant. "

Pay attention to these risks

Pointing out that less salty cheeses should be preferred, Prof. Dr. Muazzez Garipağaoğlu said, “Cheese, which is widely consumed in Turkish society, is a food that is preserved by pickling. With this feature, many types of cheese can contain high amounts of salt. Salty cheese consumption harms bone health and increases the risk of hypertension. For this reason, it is important to consume less salty cheese in advanced ages ”.

Vitamin D-rich cheeses on the table

Enriched with Muratbey's vitamin D; Strong in terms of calcium, protein and phosphorus, Muratbey Plus cheeses act as a shield especially for adults and the elderly in this period when the sun is less visible. Only 100 grams of Muratbey Plus and Muratbey Misto products contain 5 mcg of vitamin D. Both products than 100 grams, the Ministry of Health of Turkey Nutrition Guidelines (TUBE), than meets 2 percent of the daily vitamin D requirement that all individuals over age 33. Muratbey Plus and Muratbey Misto, together with their unique tastes, provide the extra vitamin support needed during the pandemic process.

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