DHL Express Continues to Strengthen Global Aviation Network

dhl express continues to strengthen its global aviation network
dhl express continues to strengthen its global aviation network

Deutsche Post DHL Group Express Shipping Unit has made a significant investment in response to the steady increase in time-sensitive international transport. Modernizing the fleet with highly efficient aircraft contributes to the Strategy 2025 and Sustainability goals. Boeing and DHL Express agreed on an option to sell four additional cargo planes.

It was announced today that eight new Boeing 777 cargo planes have been ordered by DHL Express and Boeing, the world's leading express shipping company. With this investment, DHL Express is taking another step towards expanding its intercontinental flight network to meet customer demand in the rapidly growing international express cargo markets. The first delivery is planned for 2022.

“Even though the ongoing health crisis has caused disruptions in various areas of life, global trade has not stopped,” said John Pearson, CEO of DHL Express. Our volume grew by more than 40 percent in the fourth quarter. We are emphasizing our belief that e-commerce is a permanent megatrend by ordering eight new wide-body cargo aircraft. In this direction, we decided to act early and make a quick start to 2021 with this investment for our future. "

The B777, the world's largest and most competent twin-engine cargo aircraft, stands out with its superior reliability while supporting future growth. The aircraft also contributes to its pledged sustainability goals, thanks to technologies that reduce CO747 emissions by 400 percent and consume fuel efficiently compared to the older B2-18s it replaced.

"A highly efficient and reliable aviation network plays a key role in our service capabilities enabling future growth," said Travis Cobb, DHL Express Vice President of Global Network Operations and Aviation. We act with the commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality and efficient services as quickly as possible. On the other hand, we aim to reduce our carbon emissions by modernizing our fleet with the most efficient aircraft type in the industry. The ideal aircraft for our intercontinental flight network, the Boeing 777 perfectly complements our sustainability goal, including reaching net zero emissions by 2050.

The 777 Freighter, the world's largest, longest-range and most competent twin-engine cargo plane, has a range of 9.200 km (4.970 nautical miles) and a maximum payload of 102.010 kg (224.900 pounds). 777 Freighter, which enables DHL Express to make fewer connections over long distances, thus reducing airport costs, stands out with the lowest flight cost among giant cargo planes.

Ihssane Mounir, Senior Vice President, Commercial Sales and Marketing, The Boeing Company, said: “DHL has operated for over a decade with a very strong international network that has benefited from the world-class range and efficiency of the 777 Freighter. We are honored that DHL has ordered a hefty 777 Freighter to grow its business and support its commitment to connecting and improving lives through sustainable operations. This commitment is even more important today, given the critical role DHL plays in delivering Covid-19 vaccines and meeting the growing demand for express shipping. kazanHe's eating."

DHL Express has received the first ten B2018F models of its order of 14 new aircraft in 777, ahead of the new order announced today. Timely delivery has also enabled DHL to meet unprecedented levels of customer demand during the extremely busy transit period recorded last year.

According to Boeing's 2020 World Air Cargo Forecast (2020 World Air Cargo Forecast), the fleet is expected to grow by over 20 percent in the next 60 years, as well as a significant increase in demand for new and converted cargo aircraft. This reflects the increasing demand for time-sensitive international transportation that DHL Express is still experiencing. Accordingly, the two companies also agreed to purchase an additional four aircraft.

With this step, DHL Express once again underlines its long-term commitment to being a facilitator of global trade. The company serves 260 countries with a fleet of more than 17 aircraft, 600 contracted airlines and more than 220 flights every day.

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